Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Melted clock, Cass Technical High School

Mercury Turns Back.
February 23 to March 17th
Active as of Now!

One of the many designs of the Mercury retrograde in Pisces,
is to find out where we have already been fooled.
Where we were tricked and we didn’t know it.

This Merc Retro wants to know if it can fool you one more time.

If you are ready,
Life could go for the big reveal.

Perception is heightened in Pisces,
so too is illusion. You have to use your spidey senses on this one.

As Merc in Pisces goes back to find the inner truth,
the heart of the matter,
along the way, it re-involves people from before

In your mind, or actually, what do you want with them?
Embrace or Discard?

Choices and Chances, Jupiter in Gemini mixes in both

Just as, with the Saturn Retro, if you have done your Saturn work:
Stepped Up All Responsible, Played Fair

You may see some success,
as Saturn backs up and over the places it already tested you,

The visual is, yes, you getting run over once more, by a large truck or steam roller.
You’re welcome.

As Mercury in Pisces retraces it’s steps to meet up with Neptune,
we may finally perceive an element of what we have missed.

If you have ghosts you want to be rid of, first, let them speak.

And let me ask you this: the dead,
where aren’t they?

– Franz Wright

…and by dead, we mean anyone we used to know
The mind is a populous place,

If someone keeps showing up for you, over the next few weeks,
What is the message?
Remember Pisces is a fairy tale…

Are you keeping anyone prisoner…
Is anyone keeping you?

What would it take for you to find your freedom?

What would you like yourself to know?

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

  1. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Thank you for guiding us through this Pisces season. With my moon-jupiter conjunct at 7* Pisces it is a strange, confusing, wonderful and scary time, all at once. So many energies abounding I cannot make out what is what and reading this gives me a thread to follow, to watch for…to hold on to. I think we will look back and see how much we learnt but maybe not till later as it feels like a soup right now..magical chaotic soup…we are in the 12th house! xoxo

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Sophiepiscesmoon! You are So Welcome! It’s always a treat to hear from you. I am enjoying Pisces season too. Neptune and I are friends! xoxxo

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