Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/New Moon in Taurus/A Special day in June


Who are you going to talk to, &

what nourishment is it going to provide?

Can you learn the language you need to succeed?

If you follow your thoughts, where do they lead you?

Is the true story something it’s possible to know?


We had our New Moon in Taurus on Sunday late night.
With Mercury turning back it somehow feels less fresh, but no less potent.

Did you eat a lot of food, or wish you could have?
What dynamics were born out of Sunday’s supper?

What kind of resources would you like to activate now?
Revive some missed connections to help you on your way?

Don’t wait for it all to make sense.

Be alive to the electric possibilities, flexible, casual, ready to fall back, pounce, question, intuit, redirect. Play.

Plenty of crossroads amidst our soon to be chaos.
If you catch a wiff of Pluto, you are smelling right.

Zap! not only Merc/Pluto
Venus Pluto as well.
raising the dead what do they want from you?!

Under no obligation.
cut cords if you feel like it,


Enter back into it,
to make it right.

Redo, to undo, to become, to move ahead.
threads that bear untangling
Or is it that the more you touch them, the stronger they grow?

turn your attention where?

~Yes,~ while conscious of an interior ~No~ ?

or vise versa?

Thanks Gemini!

No holding your breath.
Jupiter/Uranus still building freedom’s foundations.
Long term ultimate successes hope to be underpinned with the lucky choices or chances we take now.

Now as in the next 5 weeks.

Juno joins Jupiter, trining that Mercury.
The conversations regarding partnership that open and close doors.

By June 29/30 there is a BEAUTIFUL trine and conjunction:

Venus conjunct Jupiter at 20/21 degrees Leo trine Uranus at 20 Aries

The Sun in in Crab, and the Moon in Sagittarius.
Each at 7 degrees.

Mars close to the Crabby Sun at 3 degrees to give the Sun bravery,
Mercury @ 16 Gemini inconjunct Capricorn Pluto at 14.
The North Node in Libra pings the Sun/Mars conjunction,
Chiron tags Venus/Jupiter.

Circle the date!


Now in our preamble,
now in what will soon become notable history,

in a way, all doors appear to be open.

If things end now, it’s because you move on, let go,
change the paradigm,
step beyond.

Still opening up, still moving ahead.

God’s hand seems so prevalent these days,
it’s as if we catch a glimpse of the puppet strings or see behind the curtain. (Saturn in Sag!)

If this is so, the comfort is found in the fact that there IS a pattern. Rather than the sense it seems to make from the angle we view it.

Necessarily biased as we are, for all our reasons.

Saturn at 2 degrees now, plans on vibrating at 0 degrees Sag, from June 1st until halfway though, when he dips his toes back in the underworld, for a final review of debts owed and pain.

Commitment is not a dirty word, but no one said it was clean either. Can anyone spell closure?

~By fall 2015 we learn how.~

Enjoy the informational detours as best you are able!
at the moment more seems to be more

Mercury in Gemini is retrograde from the 17th of May to the 11th of June. Expect a Mercury Storm for this one, and a genuinely active Shadow Zone.


Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/New Moon in Taurus/A Special day in June

  1. Colleen says:

    So natal Mercury Rx – people should understand me better now? LOL! What does Pluto smell like? Far too often it’s intrigue and obsession. 🙁 Not sure what transformation smells like…. Looks like my Moon 21 Leo and Saturn 20 Aqu will be worked on by Jupiter-Uranus. Could use a bit of Tower action there.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Colleen,

      Thanks for writing! Yes Pluto smells like intrigue, obsession, sex, death, excrement, & the fear and reality of debts owed! The smell of transformation? Could it be oxygen? Or maybe burning? The smell of of one thing becoming another encompasses a LOT of scents! I don’t see this Rx as bad… a pile of important info will come forward… and the pace is quite fast: Gemini…. but potent? Oh yeah it is!! xox

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