Mercury Retro June 7th, 2014


That scraping sound is the sound of worlds rubbing together.
The world that is, and the one that will be…

What kind of bridge can you build, while time spins on, seemingly endless, only to be cut short as July arrives. No matter how long and carelessly June seems to squander her time pitting apples against oranges in an attempt to quantify future experience, or condense the multiplicitous past, no matter how time slows and spins in June, all options seem equally impossible, yet incremental, and with chance, or what passes for chance, (God’s instruments strewn around the present), we use, and are used by, we trip over the inevitable, and look who (what) turns up!

Choices, Chances, and Fluctuations.
Yes. I mean no. I mean, let me sleep on it… let me see what the market will bear.

The chaos we meet, and the chaos we make!

Mercury Turns Back June 6th.
Back in Crabcakes, back to the biz of having a home and a family,
of advancement through caring and connections, back to our personal biz. Back Home.

Then what?


Gemini alert!
We are of two minds, both smarter than ever!
Ambivalence Much?!

The North Node gives us a helping hand here. It takes two.
Cooperation is the name of the game. How do you play? Simple: Use a tactician’s clarity (of mind, sure, but more importantly) of purpose.
Do not alienate.

Often I don’t mind watching the fire from the farthest bank as my old life becomes smoke and memory… not so in June, watch listen and think: This time around bridges should be cared for. It’s not that you will be heading back there HEAVEN FORBID! No, simply that you can’t count on co-operation otherwise, and you must have it.
Everyone has power in this dynamic. No one is counted out.

So too, as NEW as the New World threatens to be, relations carry through,
there will and must be crossover.

Messy Blurry Altruistic Neptune: our friend and companion.
Chiron: stubbing toes so we can learn to listen while we bleed.

It’s a wobbly way forward. A sideways advance.

Love YOU!!!



a few of these fantastic pix were found at the uber-fabulous TurqNay Universe

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