Mercury in Scorpio, Retrograde


Unfinished Biz?

Is there ANYONE not mid-process?
at least 2/3 in…

We could listen to dinosaur sounds.

What now?
The Sex and Death Review
Mercury goes back,
as Saturn moves ahead.
The Sun hits the last degrees of Libra by Wednesday, and dives deep.

Here we are, between Eclipses, half the sky in Scorpio…

~In the morning, you tear up the pages of your fever,
but every word naturally leads you back to its color, its night.

— Edmond Jabès, The Book of Questions II~

We enter in. October 21,- November 10
The shadow lasts in this one though, it’s near December before we are all clear.

It is possible to solve these extreme emotional situations with ethical generosity
and balanced practical solutions.
Really?! YES REALLY.

…and what happens, it’s not casual…
High impact turning points.

People you thought you left behind, puzzles not quite solved.

Depth Perception.


Escape from Tomorrow?
That alone should make it popular!

~there is no escape!!! hahahaha!~
I don’t usually like horror flicks, but you have to admit, that’s SO pretty!

A look at something familiar through eyes more clear, more true?
Mercury in Scorpio goes ALL the way in,
ALL the way down… Stones will be turned. and they should be.

Where are we going?

What revelations? What news?
Money, Sex and Death, Who is going to pay? Who died?
With whom do you sleep?
Limits, Boundaries, Clarity.
Bonds, Vows, The Bottom Line, The End.

Time leaves a mark.

Mercury conjuncts Saturn:
October 29th, and November 25th,
Mercury conjuncts the North Node:
On the Scorpio Eclipse November 3rd,
and on November 18th.

Back and forth…it’s not over ’till it’s over.
But it will be over.

Ok, enough!

The landscape is changing,
we are doing it: in it and of it,
in us, all around us..

Steady hands, and an eye to the details.

Love YOU!!!



What begins on the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd?

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  1. Luna says:

    Have you seen ‘Source Code’ with Jake Gyllenhaal? It’s just the ticket.
    Love your blog

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