Mercury in Scorpio 2013

How do you talk when the lights go out?

More Sincere, More Focused, More Passionate


How many lies are half true?
Mercury in Scorpio knows.

Say less, and mean more?
In Scorpio, Mercury can give you a 975 page novel in stare.

We will have some of this:
and some of this as well:


Instinctive, Incisive, Cutting,
Paranoid, Sharp, Persuasive,
This Merc, has a feel for the weak spots,
a topographical map of your personality, they don’t miss a trick.
Obsessive, Deliberate…


Mercury will be in Scorpio from the 29 of September, through December 4th.

The retrograde falls in the middle
October 21st @18 Scorpio, and ends November 10th @ 2 Scorpio.

Clearly we have something deep to work through, yes?
It’s really worth looking at your chart to see where this hits it.

But, then again, it will surely be obvi,

You can be your own worst enemy in this one.
Release your mistakes, you don’t need them anymore.

Mistakes mean you are learning, you are brave enough to try.
and to be honest about what works and what does not.
Better to stop, no matter how far down the wrong road,
each new step in the right direction, no matter how difficult,
will bless you a thousand times, will turn the ground beneath your feet to gold.

We are about to take a lesson in the power of words to shape perception.
and one in getting beyond even the heart, to the very marrow of a situation.
The ~heart~ we say, but that’s LEO territory,
no we go lower with Scorpio,
it’s a biological level devotion :
sex, reproduction, and that significator of value, $.


Scorpio is a fixed water sign, ruled by Mars,
just think on that for a sec.
Scorpio has a reputation for inciting drama,
It’s not their theatrics, it’s what they do to inspire theatrics in you!


Scorpio does like to get and keep people, situations, just where they want them,
but being ruled by Mars makes you sensitive, easily hurt as well as restless.

The interest is in going deeper, (getting to the heart?)
which can not always be done without wounding,
there is a whole ribcage in the way, but Scorpio will cut it out, and toss it aside.
Sharp words that cut deep or shut you down.

That sounds like a straight shot.
Is it?


What is at stake here?
What kinds of entanglements are you entangled in?
The core. The core of what you share with someone else.
Transformations and thresholds, sex, death, and money
What do you owe, and what is owed to you?

Between now and December,
Shocks and Surprises are de rigueur!

We are going to need this level of regenerative relentless depth perception
to navigate these Eclipses.
We have a use for this energy.
Scorpio HEALS.

Mercury in Scorpio is the symbol of the psychologist,
and if psychological healing is what’s needed,
will will have our chance now, in the midst of turmoil and trouble,


Scorpio can bring you back from the dead when nothing else can.
It’s a long transit, and Mercury will hit the North Node and Saturn 3 times
(because retro) bringing back people, situations,

Deep thoughts and promises, we are working on clarity of mind,
and in that clarity, we are dealing with a complex reality.
As much as Scorpio loves to think in black and white,
they are gifted at the subtleties, at the greys, and they know as well as anyone,
that pragmatism, must marry ethics to form any union worth having.
Pluto in Capricorn backs this completely.

We are working with integrity, cut through all the mess you like,
but shortcuts of perception or morality are for fools.
This time around shortcuts won’t serve.


So what comes up now, during Mercury in Scorpion season?
What will hold our attention?

Oh you already know this one!

Sex and Consequences, Commitment, Control, Money, Trust


Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to Mercury in Scorpio 2013

  1. Starbright says:

    This is happening in my 12th house where I currently have transiting NN and Saturn.Does this mean an unusal amount of secrets will be unveiled as will the shocks and suprises? I’m not a fan of the 12th house nor the fact that it is in Scorpio in my chart.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi Starbright,
      Thanks for writing!I couldn’t say without looking at the whole of your chart, but with that much build up in your 12th, it’s always good to think about your deepest dreams and longings, as well as the ways you trap, or trick or limit yourself. Hidden anger/passion/power, can be a theme, intense spirituality, remembering people who have passed, there are so many ways it could play. If you have a lot a secrets it’s possible they could come to light, you might want to set a few of them free yourself… xox

      • Starbright says:

        The trap and limit area is definitely a situation I find myself in as I didn’t go with my better instincts and put my trust in the one person I believed would not lie to me under the circumstances at that time. I didn’t learn my lesson and made a stipulation he agreed to and then retracted. Hence the trap and limit with a healthy dose of hidden anger, no passion but a hope for power through liberation. BTW, I just realized Mercury and Venus are transiting the 12th also.

        • o_lightning says:

          Hey Starbright,

          It can be so hard to know when to trust.
          Yes, Venus, Mercury, North Node, Saturn. That’s a lot! I hope things work out in your favor. xo

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