Mercury in Libra Under Fire, 2013

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Today I’ll write about the sky, through the gaze of Mercury in Libra,
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What does Jung say?
~Nothing has a stronger influence… on their children than the unlived life of the parents.~

Mercury in Libra describes a conversation.

To set the tone of this week,
Go here, it’s a place where people write letters they feel they can not write.

Say whatever has been un-sayable,
what remains unsaid.

Libra Merc wants to talk.
Mercury will be Scorpio soon enough,(9/29/13)
then you can keep your secrets,
spilling only what is essential to enact your machinations, schemes and goals…

Communication makes the world larger, it is small enough already.

As the kindergarten teachers say: Use your words.
Your words.
not a quote or a meme
~don’t believe everything you read~ in this, it’s not so much a belief, as a process.
If you can’t talk, write.

Once upon a time, it was so hard for me to say intimate things, no, not that!
Personal things, difficult to say, emotional things of any kind,
so I used to write them on a notebook and pass it to my boyfriend,
he would read it, look at me,(lol) and pass it back.

If you need it, try it, it works better than you’d think…

Even if your words never make it out of your notebook to be seen by others…
even if they disgust you in their banal obviousness,
or their cliche confusion, hypocrisy, passionate casual hatred,
or sicky sentimental and undeserved optimism,
…and in all of these descriptions, I speak with experience…
at least tell yourself.

Never mind if you write in circles or spirals,
limping after a thought that has long since escaped you.
You will be more sharp and more telling than you imagine.


Perhaps, even or especially if there is nothing discernible by the time the page
is done with you.
If your hand has degenerated, the words are piled deep,
looped letter on letter, emotion has bent the symbols under pressure,
becoming less and less readable.
Press on, what do you have to say?
If you drag each typed fragment of alphabet from a labyrinth,
or up a flight of steep stairs,
still covered in mud and resistant to laying flat on your screen,
begging for anonymity and to return to the dungeon.
Make it lay there, and go get another. Finish your thought.

If you type faster and faster, all hammered keys, and typos,
even, I swear, even if you never hit send,
If what you write, is hard for you to hear,
this is a time, if ever there was one,
when honest words could cure madness and makes stones weep.

Clarity of mind, of pure emotion
Under this sky, We all could use the shock.
We are too careful, too careful and too kind.
Whether you send your letter or not,
if it is written purely to clear your heart, or to empty your logy brain,
Cough it up. Risk it.

Is there something more?
Mercury (communication) in Libra (relationship)

Speak, look, listen, breathe in the same space next to someone.
Accept the full reality of their presence, well beyond a sea of words.

For Mercury in Libra,
under pressure, under fire, as she weighs her options,
…let mental clarity emerge, wherever you can find it…
between you and you, between you and someone else.

the world that we navigate is this one,
described by the O.G.
Saturn in Scorpio Post.

open up to yourself, speak your mind. bend, don’t break.

Love YOU!!!


poem up top by Jack Gilbert

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