Mercury in Leo, August 8, 2013


Mercury in LEO!

That was a long run of Crab Communication.
I do think it helped us to get through to the heart of our feelings,

But it’s nice to be able to roar!

What’s in?

Speaking with confidence.

What’s out?

Being full of it.

High Drama?

Oh Sure.

Remember Merc in Leo has to pass by Saturn before being set loose.
So keyword, INTEGRITY.

Do things heat up?
Well, I guess they might…

With Light and Heat come Optimism.
We move from a reflective (Moon ruled Mercury)
to a generative (Sun ruled Mercury)

The big deal stops being how will everyone react, and becomes more like…

What do I want to say?
What do I think about that?
Is anyone likely to stop me?

You gotta be you.

Leo needs an audience, so people may be out more.
See and be seen!

Love YOU!!!!


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