Mercury in Crab! /The Happiness Habit


Happy as I am to have Mercury in Gem,
totally his/her/it’s sweet spot,
where thoughts and words can function with a level of pleasing, flexible, agility,
It’s almost over!

That was fast!
Friday the 31st, Merc moves to Crab, just as Mars moves to Gemini!
(and that Gem Mars Squares Neptune, Oh what do we want?!)

Sideways Heartfelt Communiques anyone?

With a watery Mercury, emotions drive thoughts,
we care more, and are less playful.
An interior landscape lights up.

It becomes less how you say it, and more how you mean it.
Howevs the implications of every word will be experienced,
as Mercury in Crab does not believe in accidents.

Why did you say that, if you didn’t mean it?
Yes, we will all have a side of that on our plate.
But, so too, we should actually be able to decipher what was meant.
Following emotional content, is fairly easy for Crab Merc.
Oh and Merc, in Crab is funny! A humor that is more kind than cutting.
This will come in handy, I promise!
Just because it’s in the sky, doesn’t mean you have it personally,
but I do think it makes the energy more accessible,
if you’d like to play along.

When Mercury is ruled by the Moon, as it will be in Cancer,
our natural expression, our family, old friends, and our habits come front and center.

Most actions, and the thoughts that follow them, are habit based.
Vice versa, as well of course! Thoughts first sometimes.
But you can certainly lead with the action, and to good effect!

Making habits into what gives you long term,
rather than short term comfort and gratification,
is a life’s work.
What it means keeps changing, in other words:
what is good for you,
depends on what you want.

I do think it’s safe to say some things are a constant,
few and specific as they may be.
For me,
if I feel boxed into a corner,
it’s better to wait to respond, until I know what I want to say,
PLUS, temper temper!
Or how about this,
I rarely or maybe never, regret time at the ocean, or just going outside!

What always works for you?
What do you have to force yourself to do, but you LOVE it,

AND it’s GOOD for you?!?!?!

Those are the habits you want!!
Sooner you start, why, the farther you get!
You knew that!!!

Recognizing and Working with Emotional Intelligence,
and Mental Habits is going to be HUGE over the next couple of months.
All trined up with Saturn, Chiron and Neptune?
Squared by Uranus? Time for a change!
and anything in Crab gets a direct hit from Pluto!

Because of our Merc/Retro,
we can grasp that deep insight, and use it!
Both coming and going!

Happiness itself can become a habit.
Especially the bit about realizing
that things do not have to be going your way, to enjoy them.

The cultivation of a little space.

Family talks, whatev family means for you,
are going to be among the topics.
Security, Memories,
Breaking free, Moving on,
the ties that Bind,
the bonds that Heal,
what used to be and is no more, released?
A New Foundation? Loving support?
Out on your own and Under Pressure?

-The only thing I can recommend at this stage is a sense of humor, an ability to see things in their ridiculous and absurd dimensions, to laugh at others and at ourselves, a sense of irony regarding everything that calls out for parody in this world. In other words, I can only recommend perspective and distance.- Václav Havel

or how about this?

-To see myself and my life as they truly are is joy. After all the struggle and avoiding and denying and going the other way, it is deeply satisfying for a second to be there with life as it is. The satisfaction is the very core of ourselves. Who we are is beyond words – just that open power of life, manifesting constantly in all sorts of interesting things, even in our own misery and struggles. The hassle is both horrendous and wholesome.- Charlotte Joko Beck

Merc will be in Crab, for a long while,
we will have the chance to consider,
and reconsider…

Crab Merc, is sensitive, touchy even, defensive, and indirect.
Someone is sure to hurt your feelings!
On the other hand, can you read between the lines and trust your instincts?
Better than usual.
The perceptive element is going to up your game,
Big Time.

Don’t be afraid to say what you want to.
Even if you are speaking against someone/something,
you can do it with good boundaries and LOVE in your heart.
That LOVE will give you confidence!

The confidence to say what is true for you!
Personal truth is going to be in style for a hott minute.

It does help to remember that everyone’s truth is valid,
or at least, it’s valid to them!

Feelings don’t follow rules, and irrational as they often are,
they come with a message,
it’s curative to listen.

Love YOU!!!!


you have know idea how much, and how deeply I wanted to be glinda the good witch!
Oh so funny!

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