Mercury in Aquarius 2014


To solve an impossible puzzle you need an a deluxe
impenetrable, unassailable, paradox solution.
Aquarius where arrrrrrre yoooooooou?

OH! Here, HERE Thank Goodness!!!


Water from the Gods,
is that not the nourishment of Genius?
To bust out of a rut, the ability to hold and embody contradiction
an idea that both isolates and connects?
Helllo internet!


The betterment of society,
What do the ACLU, the KKK, and your local food co-op all have in common?

Co-Rulers Saturn and Uranus describe this perfectly
To see the form and it’s possibilities.
Uranus as the higher octave of Mercury, keen detached intelligence.


Mercury will speed through Aquarius, slipping in to Pisces on the 31st of January.
A potent moment, fresh in the Aquarius New Moon energetics
It’s the same day Venus in Capricorn turns Direct held in Pluto’s embrace.

Mercury wades only to the ankles in Pisces, 3 degrees in,
yet that’s as far as he needs to go, for the moment he is after:
A conjunction with Neptune at 4 degrees,
close enough to trine the North Node in Scorpio,
While Saturn opposes the Taurus Moon.

A vision of the future?
It’s our values versus our dreams on the chopping block again.

Mercury turns back to find the answer.
A Surprise Message.

Mercury in Aquarius is the original out-of-body-experience.
Can you suddenly see the shape you make,
the shape your life makes, as you float above?

Can you give yourself the freedom to have been wrong ?
To have that shape be a mistake,
Can you own yourself more completely?
No more second guessing, right all along!

Can you make a radical course correction, instantly,
sans groveling, or demobilizing personal tragedy?
These emotions nothing more than wasted time

Flip the switch. Move On.
That’s Mercury in Aqua.

Do you remember way back when I talked about living with a Snake?


Pluto + Saturn = Power + Constriction
Aquarius searches for Humanity, Individuation, & Unity
based on a dream of the future.
Liberty for all?
Who is in charge? Where do I sign up?
Hahaha! There it is! Paradox Much?
Pluto in Cap. offers very little in compromise: The rules are the rules.
Is there even a way out?

Are we so far ahead, or so far behind,
that we have lost sight of a non-packaged humanity?

Pluto in Cap. sez we ought to learn from history


Part of this transit
is about not allowing anyone else to define the rules of the game.
Defining the rules so often decides the winner;
Mercury in Aquarius can blow this wide open.

for better or worse


The idea of an either/or which both Pisces and Virgo is so prone to…
Duality: saint or sinner, savior or victim
that won’t help us now.

Aquarius creates a new category:
A Sinner Savior, or something surpassing.
Androgyny is the Aquarius Zone

(Iggy’s no aqua, but he does have mercury conjunct mars in Aries, sextile an 11th house Uranus in Gem.)


Perhaps we don’t have a word for it yet, because we haven’t lived it.
The transit of Mercury in Aquarius will give us the brilliance to see beyond.

What are we looking at?

An unimaginable vision:
A way ahead that works for everyone,
Aquarius is the sign of friendship.
A way that allows us to transition into our new lives with dignity and respect.
do we have new lives? yes. yes we do,
by spring we’ll be half way to living them.

Something practical?
It had better be.
Like all idealism, part of the work is to conceive of what is possible.
Once upon a time there was no such thing as a female surgeon.
Once upon a time it was obvious why not.


Mercury Stations Direct at 18 degrees Aquarius on February 28th,
for the New Moon in Pisces.

Fitting no?

We need both dreams and innovation.
Mars snuggles close to the North Node in Libra for this one,
27 degrees with the North Node at 29.
Our hero Mars is already at stationary then.
He’ll begin his retrograde in Libra, only hours later on the 1st of March.

Are there delays?
Most probably.
Solutions/conclusions have been arrived at, can we put them into action?
Not so fast. A strategic retreat?
Diplomacy first.

Crystallize a vision that in turn crystallizes and breaks again only to reform?
This time not only and purely crystal.

A heartless rebel?
To bleed for a cause, but not for a human?
That is where Pisces comes in.

Mercury makes his return to dreamland (pisces) March 17th.
Jupiter is Direct by then and they’ll trine before you know it.
A short week later some dreams come true, as understanding deepens.
We’ll have Venus and Mars in Air + the Sun Aries to wake up the world.


Bon, D’acorrd?
I can’t wait to see it!

Love YOU!!!


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