Mercury Direct on Pluto, Jupiter conjunct North Node, January 25, 2016





Is your brain coming back?
*Are you able to take control one more time of your life and the ambitions you hold?

After the contact you made with your ex,
or the seedy underbelly of your own consciousness,
ex-family ex-friend, ex-love,

Are there still hooks and tendrils pulling you somewhere you don’t belong?
Is there something left to understand, a bond that may yet be of some use?

Is/Was there a emo conflict with an opportunity embedded within?
Financial or otherwise?
Or not?
Did you kick them in the pants and move on?

Are you back?

Capricorn Mercury hovers within a few degrees of Pluto for the rest of the month.
As it does, we continue working with boundaries and definitions.
It’s not all done yet.
It won’t be until February 3rd or so that we get some clearance.
But by now, it’s possible that we know our own mind.

If not now, very soon, because Pluto doesn’t really make mistakes.
He invites YOU to make them.

you can always say ~ no thank you!~

Talk Now. Say what you want to say.

A few years back I was asked during a consult,
~ What is the difference between fate and free will? ~
And similarly,
~ How do we know what we are experiencing?
As in,
~ Are some things destiny, and others somehow not?~

I think fate often arrives as a situation, and free will is what you do with it.

Of course not all situations are fated.
We will see some that are though, as the North Node travels with Jupiter and Chiron keeps very near the South Node.

Asking us to stop repeating, by tempting us to repeat.

How can we free ourselves from who we have been, without discarding our intrinsic and valuable idiosyncrasy, our beautiful warped and imperfect humanity?
What does it mean to be real?
To, as they say ~ live the dream~ ?

The answer arrives as an embrace, practically, helpfully, quietly, devotedly we collect details we have overlooked as well as missed opportunities to craft new potentials.

Is there something there?
There absolutely must be!

How do I know?
It’s in the stars, lol!
As Jupiter moves back, he comes into alignment with Pluto.
That some deep support, and strong ambitions.

It does get complicated by Mars retro in April, but again we are going back for something needed. It’s not a capricious return.

On May 9th, Jupiter stations at 13 degrees Virgo
and he finally moves ahead to 14 degrees on June first.

(By the end of June, Scorpio Mars agrees with a forward motion sextile.)

That’s nearly a full month devoted to 13 degrees Virgo!
Do you have any planets at 13 Mutable?
Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini

or 13 Earth?

Look at your chart and see what is small that will be writ large.
See where you try your best and may yet succeed!
In that time, there will be a seed ready to be planted.

For Now, look to 14/15 Capricorn,
as well as Aries, Cancer, Libra,
anything within 5 degrees

What information arrives?!

Love YOU!!!!!


*especially for the Mercury Ruled Gemini and Virgo!

~After an old Hasidic master died, his followers sat around, talking about his life. One person wondered aloud, “What was the most important thing in the world for the master?” They all thought about it. Another responded, after a time, “Whatever he happened to be doing at the time.
– Susan Murphy~ via whiskey river

You know about this potential planet hiding behind Neptune, right?
I Do think Bowie must be involved!

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8 Responses to Mercury Direct on Pluto, Jupiter conjunct North Node, January 25, 2016

  1. Colleen says:

    Let’s see… Merc 15 Cap, Pluto 14 Virgo, Asc 13 Sag., plus Sun/SN 11 Cap, MC 12 Libra. At least the Uranus/Pluto thingie will be over. LOL!

    • o_lightning says:

      Oh Colleen you have all the fun!! There is some good energy on tap, Jupiter trining you Merc for a nearly a full month. Ask for something you want! Perhaps something you tried already, it might be worth a new approach? xo

  2. Colleen says:

    And yes, Dean is a pretty, pretty princess. 😉

  3. jtgirl40 says:

    Hi Omie….. I do remember asking you this specific question in 2013. Still wonder about it. That is when you told me about “Passion and affect”. Loveu

  4. Rochelle says:

    Omie, You are amazing as ever! Will these aspects have any impact on a composite chart? Thanks and take care.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Rochelle,
      :: waves:: 🙂 No reason they would not affect a composite, if the planets in question are making a close aspect to the composite chart. It’s worth a look at the progressed composite too, if you are trying to see the details. <3

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