Mercury Direct, Fall Equinox, Libra Sun, September 22, 2016


Have we caught up with ourselves?

At the Equinox, in the balance of the year, tipping to darkness as we gain strength.

Mercury at 14 degrees begins to move ahead.
What will we discover?
Which delays have worn their welcome?

You have had to pause, even in the midst of chaos, to incorporate the unexpected, a time wobble, extra depth.


The Sun is at zero degrees Libra, Libra Jupiter at 2 degrees.
A lucky day just before Venus moves to Scorpio

Libra, the sign of balance, of partnership, is at the heart of so many relationship triangles!
Combine the will to partner with the ability to vacillate,et voilĂ !

See also, the need to be desired.
Family dynamics, Love and even biz partnerships.

Venus in Air values connections.
She collects every advantage, why give up a relationship that may yet be of use?

Our New Moon in Libra arrives in a week and a day.
Between now and the 30th of September we lay the groundwork.

There is interpersonal framing at every turn now,
what you see depends on where you look.

Which elements are you assembling that will exponentially increase in importance?

Love YOU!!!!


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