Mercury Direct, Cancer Full Moon



~ The hungry person dreams.
The starving person acts.

-Jonathan Carroll ~

~ Eternity is a long time, especially towards the end…

– Franz Kafka ~



If home is a state of mind, where is it?

Astrologically, Crab consists of our core,
that which can not be taken from us, who we are at midnight alone in the dark.

The determination we draw from a near biologic imperative.
Protective. Lineage, our survival, and the survival of our offspring or creations.

Crab, who is always giving birth to herself, and helping to midwife others.



Outgrow your shell ?

Not only places and personalities, but interests and identities, all the while maintaining a diaphanous thread to the past, near infinite memories, safeguarding not only your own, a collective protection.

In this act of ethereal preservation, it’s less precision, more reverberation. An emotional imprint, a watercolor that makes a near immovable spreading stain. Within, all within, containment is the essence of Crab. When the door shuts tight, not even a whisper slips under.

For this Lunation expect unusual leaks, seepage.
Unhealed bitterness, unloving thoughts, regret, remorse, abandonment, whatever you’ve got.


Mercury is direct, at the moment, the Moon is in Gemini, we are heading toward a Cardinal Grand Cross involving Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, the Sun and naturally the Full Moon in Crab. It’s all systems GO.

A crisis point? It could certainly play that way. The land animal routine will not work now. At least think Mermaid, Crab, Fish, or Capricorn, Yemoja, if you don’t flow, if you can’t float, you will drown.




adrift-final-webres *

Expect to be busy, pulled in multiple directions.

Expect to be emotional, the news that comes in now may have you in tears.

Water dissolves, and in this case, water dissolves what was, to make room for what is to be. A culmination. I don’t think that the news that comes in this week will be a true surprise. That does not mean it won’t be a shock.

All the planets in our sky are in close proximity to 22 degrees of their respective signs. Only a Neptune/Venus conjunction stands slightly apart and lends support from nearby 9/10 Pisces.

That is to say, we have EVERY PLANET within 17 and 29 degrees.
AND listen to this: there is nothing in a fixed sign. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are empty.

Things do not stay the same. In fact, they change.

For your Full Moon at 22 degrees in Crab, you arrive at results, and these results change your life.
Your responses to these results determine the types of changes.
Sounds easy, right?


With Mars applying to Chiron, there is no way around the particularly personal hurt of this Lunation, but you will not suffer without an anesthetic. The hurt and the healing come together, as one lances a boil (ewww!) Or pulls a splinter. The loss allows for our progress. Pisces promises a door, and Jupiter a window to look out, beyond.

In truth, you have been waiting for this day for a year or longer, not because you wanted it to arrive, but because it was written in the stars, and we will not now move ahead without it.

In the chart of the Full Moon that arrives on January 12, 2016 in early morning, though there may be violence, sacrifice, or trauma, the emphasis is on the revelation, it’s a pivotal moment.

Who controls the ocean?



Release whatever you have gathered under the name of tension.
Release what you have gathered under the name of fear.
Release into the freedom of necessity.

As you release yourself into an astrological ocean that carries you, surrounded by fluid that may as well be blood, as it wets your hair and seeps into your thirsty body, remember that you carry your own safety within you.

Love YOU!!!!


* James Jean!



We will have days to process the changes. Our New Moon is in Aquarius, and the next day, with Mars in Aries, it’s the Chinese New Year! We will be establishing our new normal then…


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