Mercury Direct 2/11/15


What did you learn today?
It’s a bit sharp!


Mercury Direct at 1 Aquarius,

That haze is receding, we don’t have the softness of a deep almost otherworldly remembering… the things you do in your sleep…


Instead the light comes on, like the lights at the end of the party…
and who are these strangers you have entangled yourself with?

No matter. Proceed.

Scorpio Moon squares Leo Jupiter
trines Pisces Venus and Mars

Uranus in Aries trine Jupiter as well.

Depth and Potency,
a little push sends that boat out into water that is very deep.

~Oh my my how the divers are learning to swim!~

Our Detour is Over!
Right time, the right place, and the shock of contact.

Love YOU!!!!





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  1. Colleen says:

    I just have to say, the gif with the guy wearing the horse head is hilarious! I shouldn’t be giggling at work… 🙂 (Ha!)

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