Mercury Conjunct the North Node, October 30/31, 2014


Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon,

Merc, catches up to the North Node, and gives us a look.
It’s a directional, ~go thataway~
by tomorrow it’s even more plain to see.

Jupiter trines the South Node, Uranus close enough by for an itchy trigger finger.
Can you avoid the same old mistakes?
You DO know now what they are.

Venus Conjuncts the Sun,
and Pluto is right there in the middle between the Sun/Venus and Neptune
whether you need him or not.
A pull, and a little undertow, but nothing Capricorn Mars can’t handle.

Come closer…

Chilly and definite, but with a dream of art.

Neptune cracks a window in an otherwise airless room, and asks us how long, for what, and why, couldn’t it be otherwise?

If you get a knock on your door, or anywhere,
pay attention,
bumps and bruises are nowhere near as important as getting where you are going.

Remember that old line about the moon, and the finger pointing at it?

~Like clouds, once gone in their long drift,
there’s no coming back—
And like the wind that moves them, we stop
Wherever we please, or wherever we come to be,
Each one in his proper place,
not too near, not too far
From That’s okay and No one was ever interested enough.

How many years have slipped through our hands?
At least as many as the constellations we still can identify.
The quarter moon, like a light skiff,
floats out of the mist-remnants
Of last night’s hard rain.
It, too, will slip through our fingers
with no ripple, without us in it.

How is it it’s taken me almost a lifetime to come to the fact
That heaven and earth have no favorites
in either extreme?
Bits of us set out, at one time or another, in both directions,
Sleeping fitfully, heads on our fists,
Now close together and warm, now cold in the south sky.

Each one arrives in his own fashion,
each one with his birthmark
Beginning to take shape and shine out
And lead forth like a lead lamp.
Look for us in the black spaces, somewhere in the outer dark.~

-Charles Wright, Littlefoot: A Poem

Love YOU!!!


Buster Keaton, a Libra with the face of a Libra!
Matter of fact Libra Sun/Mars/Chiron conjunct in the 5/6th.
Trine pluto/Neptune in the 1st/2nd Exactly, right?
Making $ as a movie star risking life and limb!
Daredevil Aries Moon, Scorpio pile up: Saturn/Mercury/Uranus in the 6th.
Venus in Virgo in the 5th. Perfect chart for the man who bravely,
recklessly, physically suffers for his art and enjoys it!
There’s the director too. He knows exactly what is needed. No More or less.
Jupiter in LEO at the base of his chart! Love of performance:
His start with itinerant vaudeville family. Boom!

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