Merc. in Gemini Retro… coming into view


Taurus Mars tips into Gemini
to be ruled by a Mercury that squares Neptune.
That Merc will go retro in a week,
You are or we will be, of two and four minds
re: decisions/opportunities.

How will you know if you got it right?

A) Talk it through with a friend.

B) Move toward what brings your soul to life, viscerally.

If you have big plans, big dreams, & we all do now, (Saturn In Sagittarius)
Or we should 😉
the process has to be nearly worthwhile as the imagined result.

Our planets are NOT supporting self sacrifice
& self-abnegation at the moment.

You know if I’m saying it it’s GOT to be true.

Neptune and Chiron plan on clouding your mind.

It’s not the clouds I mind, it’s the confusion.
Let the clouds draw you toward inexplicable conclusions,
reached through looking at all sides of the prism.

misunderstood language? reconnection with siblings?
astrology can be ridiculously literal

Don’t bet the farm on luck making it happen, in fact,
it’s not about betting at all this time,
though Jupiter does trine Uranus wonderfully well.

A lucky break?

Not if you can see it coming!

Love YOU!!!




Accidents, Mishaps and Complications.

Using our bodies to process emotion.

What is the purpose of these painful detours?

Clean it up, streamline.
Take a Listen from the physical reminders.

Accidental Symbolism is often clear and concise.


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