May 29, 2013


It’s not popular to say that.
Everyone has something random and snide to say about Gems.
unfairly, I think! Gemini are the butterflies and hummingbirds of the Zodiac!
They spread lighthearted joy, and they will talk to you about anything!
As far as I am concerned there is really nothing better than that!

Gemini gives you talent, inventive intelligence, and most of all,

A choice by god! What could be better?!
and you know what? I like to change my mind.
It makes me laugh and I don’t feel the least bit sorry!
So there.

Listen to the opening monologue on this clip,
from an Ultimate Gemini Movie, The Brothers Bloom!
The Movie is MUCH more Fun that these cuts make it look,
howevs, she encapsulates some of the beauty of Gemini, right here at the start.

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Love YOU!!!

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