May 9, 2014


A swirl of possibility,
you know it’s going to happen.
It has to!

You are in it up to the eyes, no choice.
And you want it to anyway.
This limbo we are dancing can only go on so long.

Fear and disbelief,
the glorious ~I can hardly believe this is happening sensation,~
All the little details that absolutely have to fall into place,

Everyone has this in one way or another.
It’s a continuum of transit timelines that bring one person’s life
to critical crux on one day, as apposed to any other.

It’s Happening.

Virgo and Gemini bring in your thoughts,
it’s quite a thing to see it while it happens


Not just one thing not even an ~it~
but a whole wave of the new, as the wheel turns, we turn with it.


Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to May 9, 2014

  1. jgirl says:

    so true right now… love this. the progress i have experienced in the last few weeks… that cross affecting my 3/9H (4 degrees from my IC/MC), 7/1H… its been powerful. the transformation i’ve experienced personally in my life, in the way i communicate with others and online, and in my relationships… amazing. venus is currently in my 3H, mercury is in my 5H and conj my venus, romantic communication baby, yep. and this year on my solar return (june 29), mercury rx will be conjunct my natal DC (exact) and mercury rules my natal DC. and not only is it conj my natal DC, its conj the SR MC, because that is also smack on my natal DC. um, change in relationship status, much?! the SR AC is in virgo, so mercury is also my SR chart ruler. SR IC conj my natal AC in sag. changes to my personal living, family situation? SR uranus conj my natal IC within 2 degrees, and residing in the SR 7H. uranus is also opposing mars, which is conj my natal MC within 1 degree, and is residing in my SR1H. there’s more, but perhaps my favorite aspect is SR juno conj SR venus EXACT, and conj my natal venus within 2 degrees. my SR this year coincides with my venus return 🙂 i have a feeling 2014/2015 will be a BIG year 🙂

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      I always use the rule that if anything big is happening it’s going to show up in at least three ways as you look at the chart. So there you are! All of that sounds exciting, exhilarating, thrilling, and huge! Enjoy and take good care of you. xoxo

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