May 7, 2013


Maybe it’s been just the tiniest bit detectable,
but everything is bugging the sh*t out of me.

And then on some base level I feel fine.

and people are dicks not you of course! but some people!
Can I write that?! Did I just get my astrology license revoked?
I totally didn’t mean it! hahahaha
Maybe, maybe I meant it!

That’s the sky right now, with the Cow Party in Taurus,
eat, sleep, sex, feel ~at home~ in the world,
opposed by Saturn in Scorpio,
where in order to do anything at at all beyond maintenance,
it is just the slowest going imaginable… as if Taurus wasn’t slow enough!

Dark Aries Moon, today. Still.

By Thursday we can count the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus as fully happening,
Venus in Gem, gets a bad rap, but I LIKE IT!
Eclipse counts on Friday too, and beyond… all weekend… even after,
especially considering there will be another Eclipse right after that!
We are mid-transformation. Mid-Season, Mid-Evolution….and… oh hush

The idea in the Eclipse is really clear access to energy that supports
Our New Beginnings:
To be ourselves, none other, functioning according to our highest VALUES, and able to achieve, and exist at a level that reflects that.

William Ellery Channing got it right:
-Every human being
is intended to have a character of his own;
to be what no others are,
and to do what no other can do.-

Efforts made along those lines are deeply supported by the sky.

It is really alright to be someone you have never been,
to make room for possibility.

-I am aware of the need for constant self-revision and growth, leaving behind the renunciations of yesterday and yet in continuity with all my yesterdays. For to cling to the past is to lose one’s continuity with the past, since this means clinging to what is no longer there… My ideas are always changing, always moving around one center, and I am always seeing that center from somewhere else.
Hence, I will always be accused of inconsistency. But I will no longer be there to hear the accusation. – Thomas Merton

Those of us hungry for change will see more action later in the month,
as we move into the Mutable Signs.

Acceptance of the Mystery of life, and joy in the process, however slow, is a challenge, but I think we are equal to it! And don’t forget about earthly pleasure, Taurus would like you to have pleasure, as much as possible,
see what you can do…

Love YOU!!!


Oh and check this: It’s about DOLPHINS Yeah, I’m writing to you about dolphin rights, deal with it! This has got Neptune in Pisces/Uranus in Aries/Square Pluto in Capricorn Allll Over It! If you wanna know why, talk to an astrologer!


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