May 6, 2013


wake up, Wake Up WAKE UP!

Yeah, I know, you wake, before, and you wake NOW.
Pluto/Uranus Square closing in, exact May 15,
but it’s only one little degree off now…

The Moon is in ARIES, Conjunct Uranus.
Everybody else is in Taurus, except that f*cker
Saturn, PLUTO, neptune, and big mouth Jupiter in Gem.

Why have such epic desires, if you are not able to satisfy them immediately?!

Pressure is palpable and so is desire,
what was that song about satisfaction again?

Impulse control?

Oh f*ck it!

Good day to take care of biz,
You have Speed, Genius, AND Endurance,

provided you can take not getting exactly what you want long enough to use your talents…
Did I say use your talents?
Today everyone wants what they want when they want it.
So uhhhhh……get some exercise, sexersize, or whatev, you know the drill.

We are building toward the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus on May 9/10.
Meanwhile in the dark of the Moon it’s easy to wonder if you can let things slide…

can you?

Or ummmmm…. will you?

Venus moves to Gemini on the 9th.
remember what happened last year…
we will have options…

Love YOU!!!



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6 Responses to May 6, 2013

  1. Tam says:

    Big Mouth Jupiter is on my Ascendant and I need to shut up! 🙂 No really….I’ve been too big for my britches the last 5 days. I hope this isn’t a preview of Jupiter moving through my first house for the next 12 months LOL

  2. o_lightning says:

    Oh Tam, I bet it’s awesome! I wanna hear all the things you are saying. I have a feeling you are very funny! I bet I would crack up! Besides Jupiter ASC always brings something new, and you gotta love that! xox

  3. kr says:

    Everytime you say “that f*cker Saturn” I crack up. He’s in my 3rd. Astrologers often say Saturn through the 3rd is easier than in other houses. Well, they must not have Scorpio in the 3rd is what I’m sayin’.

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hi kr,
    Thanks for writing!! Yeah, Saturn makes himself known in his own special way wherev he shows up! I do tend to follow his rules, it’s best for everybody! But sometimes you gotta want to punch him in the neck! Hope things ease up! xo

  5. Tam says:

    Everything has been funny and/or lucky lately. I literally drove over a large dead deer at 55 miles an hour with a tiny car that is only 4″ off the ground. I jumped over it like the Duke’s of Hazzard LOL(If you are old enough to remember that stupid show) I didn’t wreak or hurt my car. The look on my face must have been priceless. ::insert eyes as big as plates::

  6. o_lightning says:

    Holy Smokies!!! That is AMAZING!!! Wow! Thank goodness you are ok! WOW. Cool! xoxox

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