May 5, 2015


Sagittarius Moon/Saturn today.
Consolidate to move ahead.

It’s your future. Contingent on ethics. Contingent on belief.
Contingent on faith, and what was that other one…?

Oh yeah, wait, which was it?!?!

Hard work?

For the next two years that’s our mantra:

Imperfect solutions that give you room to breathe.

You can’t feel trapped and have it work out.
and yet, without commitment what do you have?
right, nothing.

Mutable Signs = Motion.

What’s it going to take to get that last little bit of ice out of your heart?
~looking forward to the Saturn/Pluto thaw in September~

Between then and now, heavy lifting.
Set the plinths in place.

Phox, the band is perfect for this.
what does she sing on that third song?

~Everything I do I do in slow motion, all that glitters is fire…~

Love YOU!!!!



Little bit of reverb on that Full Moon in Scorpio.
Echoing out.

Being witnessed changes the experiment
N’est-ce pas?

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2 Responses to May 5, 2015

  1. Rochelle says:

    Being witnessed does change the experiment! The hearts soars, and sores, and sores, and sores, and soars some more…. and so on. Love to you, Omie.

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