May 30, 2013


What are we waiting for?

Nothing, NOTHING!!!

Actually plenty,
there is another shoe to drop, and as Saturn slows down, and Neptune turns around,
It’s hard to just stay with the personal planets (gemini gemini, gemini…crab)
Mars in Gemini will make it easier,
and we should see more love/money results by the time it gets to 15/16 degrees…
cue spooky love music June 19th – 24th give or take…

We know our whole foundation will be revamped this summer.
And we will live the consequences next fall.
yet, how far are we now?


How to enact these quite possible impossibilities,
in the midst of of the daily, ordinary, ordered, chaos?

Oh it’s mostly out of our hands, and that is part of the frustration.
Everyone is working with a larger picture, and these connecting strands…
Well, we feel like a hamster on a wheel, and no one likes to feel like a hamster.
If we could just see around that corner…

Saturn will be direct July 7th, so close,
so close and still more than a month beyond!
What kind of justice will we see then…?
…and when Pluto goes direct in September?

Neptune goes backwards June 7th- November 13th.
Time to revive old dreams, to collect our magic, and our intuition,
we are going to need it for this adventure… it won’t do to leave inspiration behind!
Why is it we wanted to make these changes in the first place?
When something moves you, you respond…


Jupiter is still in Gemini until June 26th,
the first and last bits are when you get most of the presents.

Gemini’s, (all mutables or those with lots of gem)
Make sure you are expanding properly,
don’t let fear or illness get the better of you
If you want to spin in a wider circle, that’s just want the sky wants you to do.
a good way for you to start, Gems, is to consolidate your daily life
and your entanglements…streamline, strip down.
You will move farther, faster.

If you have Gemini, you have pattern recognition.

Pattern recognition, is the basis of all thought, all design, and all languages,
whether spoken, written, musical, mathematical, visual, or even interpersonal.
The key to using the language is to trust what you observe.
A love letter to Gemini is really in order here,
as Gemini can see both sides of the story, and agree with both.

After all, if you love chocolate, can you also love vanilla?

Some of that is needed to get where we are going,
a versatile, and friendly attitude,
an unbiased objectivity, ready to make the connections!

I’ll be thinking of you!!!



* something new from Karin Dreijer Andersson, Aries Action Superstar!
Her Sun is at 17 Aries, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct at 4 and 5, Chiron at 23.
Pisces Moon conjunct her Aqua Mars! Venus in Taurus!
Bingo! It all shows! Excellent chart usage! lolz

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4 Responses to May 30, 2013

  1. jgirl says:

    great post… very relevant and helpful to me… (gemini gemini gemini crab) im a 7 degree cancer sun with venus and mercury in gemini, in love with a gemini sun with his venus in cancer… If we could just see around that corner…yes… really looking forward to june when venus, mercury, the sun and of course jupiter are in cancer! and saturn direct too… he and i had setbacks in our relationship when saturn went retro, but pluto retro brought him back, and i am hoping this is finally our time for a commitment to be made…

  2. Tam says:

    “After all, if you love chocolate, can you also love vanilla?” Yes of course. You just put chocolate fudge sauce on your vanilla ice cream. Ta da….it’s good to be Mercurial.

  3. o_lightning says:

    Hi jgirl!

    Thanks for writing!! I love that Venus Sun exchange! Just beautiful!!! Best wishes!!xox

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam!

    You were thinking what I was thinking! YUM.
    Yes, being mercurial is superly AWESOME!! That’s right! Thoughts give form to the formless. The seeds, and structures we use for accomplishment! <3 xox

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