May 28, 2013



Do you remember how excited I was for the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus?
Not the Full Moon Eclipse we just had, but the one before that.

I was all HAPPY and bouncing around in my chair?

Well, on that day, more traumatic, shocking, and difficult things showed up,
than I’d had to deal with in ages!
Eclipse Style, and Uranus/Pluto!

All out of the blue!

And Do YOU Know?!
Each one of those difficult things has caused something good to happen,
a shift in energy that could not have been enacted in any other way.
Or at least in any way I know!
I would not have picked it, not for the world, but it works.

Good Luck is hard to measure, and not aligned with pleasure,
not even a little.

Pleasure is so So SO important howevs, and not that hard to find today!

You can find it! I have faith in you!!!

The Moon is heading over to Aqua,
Saturn/Neptune/Pluto, still a factor, no matter how you piece things together,
this moment in time is rich with depth and possibility.

Venus/Jupiter/Mercury suggests you write a love letter,
or at least send a text!

The Big News for Jupiter,
is that soon enough (june 26) she will be in Crab!
Showering us all with blessings, kind of like a Moon Goddess effect!

Jupiter LOVES it there, and Neptune loves Pisces!
How about Saturn? It’s not wild for Scorpio, but it is strong?
With Pluto backing it up? HELLS YES.

Grand Trine in Water, soon, soon, soon!
That looks like the power to straighten out our inner lives right there.
To place things where they belong.
To open doors long shut.
It makes me think of the Tarot card Fortune, Jupiter’s card: the Wheel Spins!

For today enjoy that Gemini Venus/Jupiter where ever it hits you.
Spread some love, some generosity, some sweet kindness, or good feeling.
Please someone, just for the look on their faces,

that circuit of bliss that connects between you.

Love YOU!!!!



WOW!!!! Right?!

and perfect for Aqua Moon!

Andy looks a little Taurus/Gemini, no?
I love how it’s so Mechanical, making something so intangible/ethereal..


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3 Responses to May 28, 2013

  1. Tam says:

    I love that music machine! OMG….I want to play with it! 🙂 It kinda sounds like a boys choir.

    I’m glad things are turning out good for you <3

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam!
    I know!!! I just keep thinking, where does he live, do I know someone who knows him?! What deep fun!
    I am so impatient! Things are tipping in the right directions, I think, but mars/merc wants it all right now, as saturn plays around my chart angles! Oh phooey! I hope this last month of Jupiter in Gem is treating you right! I fully expect Jupiter in crab to be nice to everyone, so I feel like that bit of the sky is win win win. <3 xox

  3. Tam says:

    Yes Jupiter in Gemini has been good. I’m looking forward to my Jupiter return soon! I had better not gain weight though 🙂

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