May 22, 2017




Robin Switzman 2008


It’s the twins! Gemini now. So soon, ALREADY!
Two or more perspectives everywhere you look!

What potential do you hold in your hands?
What possibilities?
Some of it is out of your control.


Saturn slows change but does allow avenues for progress.
Mars moves to oppose Saturn, and our Uranus/NN Grand Fire Trine continues.

A sudden break?
A sudden break because you have created the possibility of a new situation?

Fertile soil allows the seed to sprout.
Past performance counts here.

What’s your track record?
What have you done lately?





Venus moves to square Pluto, that’s friction; power plays, people from the past,
Love, Money, Control, Weakness, Desire, Secrets
What you need at odds with how you want to receive it.

Ghosts of past relationships, and the positions you inhabited in order to stay in them.
Transformations you endured or embraced in order to escape.


Potential solutions continue their water faucet drip of possibility.
Are you collecting?
Will you be ready when the spillover arrives?

Talk to people.
Gemini collects, disperses, disseminates, disassembles, reconfigures, connects.
Connections are the framework.
A web of relationships and perspectives neither correct nor incorrect.

All information is valuable.


Change your framework and you change your situations.
What is possible depends on who you ask, and what resources they have:
Emotional, Financial, Knowledgeable.

What do you need?



Still recovering from the Values and Money puzzle of our Venus retrograde.
Our alliances are not at peak performance, we use them anyway, while imagining what ramification that use implies… It’s hard to be certain

What does it mean to be on someone’s side?
How much do you agree, how much do you let it slide?

What do you take as payment?

It’s the dark of the Moon now,
Gemini New Moon is on Thursday.

What house does Gemini occupy for you ?
That’s where will you see a beginning.

What sorts of connections will you make?

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, & don’t be surprised if clarity evades you.
Stay flexible, move fast, expect others will do the same.
Things change. No one will wait.

Guess, investigate, hope, connect, talk, and keep moving.

Choices are so often made in the dark, in the half-light of hope and anticipation,
or is that the half light of fear, of insecurity, and trepidation?

Choices made with a flickering electric current,
by feel, or by what is almost feel, the heat before you actually touch.

Add an extra large bundle of compassion to your backpack full of ambivalence and scrutiny, you might need it for yourself as much as for others.

Love YOU!!!!




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