May 22, 2015


Happy Birthday Gemini!


Still emo, easing our way out of Yesterday’s Crab KA-BOOM.

Sun, Mars, and retro-Merc in Gemini,

Moon in Leo by evening.

If you are hotheaded, you should be able to find a way to enjoy it.
and if you are recovering from emotional excess, from interpersonal dealing, it’s a perfect day to spend money on something that cheers you. Yes I did say that! Whether it’s buying a nectarine, a movie ticket, getting your nails did, museum ticket, or beautiful clothes…

Let go? Or reinvent?
Crab Venus square Uranus, after that hit of Plutonic reality.
Deeper and deeper, or go head and pull the plug?

We don’t have to cave to every possible temptation.

As Mercury backs into Mars, make sure you do what you want,
not just what you can.
There a myriad of avenues open,
more than one film showing at the multiplex cinema.

The likelihood of a workaround, or a re-do is quite high so easy does it on the itchy trigger finger syndrome.



Love YOU!!!!


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