May 21, 2014


Moon/Neptune in Pisces on the first day of Gemini

Blurry and Confused?
Conversations with slippery edges?

Pisces suggests a non-linear reality with bleed, smear,
& blurring edges, quiet unzippered public spaces, as though sound itself unwrapped time, a bird cry in a park changing a perceptual frequency to reveal what…?
Translucent color block saturated moments,
glorious, subtle, awful juxtapositions.

No real why, solamente an endless because…

Gemini doesn’t think so!
Those Twins could list reasons all day long!

Action, reaction, interchange, exchange,
Yes! I mean No!
I mean yes today, & no tomorrow.

The important thing is not to be bored.

The interplay is where the action is,
a visionary day slips by

Chiron/Jupiter/ retro Saturn: Grand Trine in Water
gets a bump from Venus/Uranus

What will you do with the new opportunity, to take care of old biz?
It’s not a straight shot:
Shortcomings, set backs or difficulties… yet the juice is there,
if only you can manage the squeeze!

Love YOU!!!


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