May 21, 2013


Why is it, that no one can help you with your problems?
Not really REALLY?
Why is it, problems exist as long as other people live and breathe?!

We know there are accidents, true horrendous disasters. and the one constant, you.

Oh and there ARE people you know living out their lives without any shred of regard for you,
or worse, maybe they even think you are an idiot!
And if you stand there long enough with your mouth open in wonder
at the sick synchronicity of it all, you may even come to agree with them.

No Matter. They have to be them, and you get to be YOU.


Conversely, why is it, that the more you learn about what you can not,
or will not do, about your limitations, the more FREEDOM you have?

(jupiter, saturn, chiron, uranus, neptune, pluto)

Why is it, that the less you drown in other peoples dreams,
the more free you are to pursue, hunt down, and if necessary stab in the dark,
your OWN dreams.
You have to be willing to pin down even a corner, while the rest takes flight…

You can’t know how it will end. That’s just it…you can’t.
It is the motion, that brings relevance, and vitality to your enterprise.
Your vision will change and with it your plans, and goals.

There is no use holding yourself in place, there is no you to hold,
you are evolving energy, beautifully alive and alight.

Why is it, that the more you honor the miracle of your breath,
your own relevance, the more you see the inescapable face of the divine
in the animate and the inanimate all around you?

There is no ~out there~ it’s all an in here. You are it.
We have to eat to live, and I have heard that science can measure even a carrot’s scream as it is pulled from earth and cut.
Life hurts, and we by design, participate.

Accepting reality without a battle gets easier with practice,
it comes hand in hand with accepting there is a place for you in this world.

But not one fixed place like a refuge, oh no!
Anyone who has watched any fantasy knows that the king’s men always make their way into the forest to find you. Or the evil villain sets your cottage ablaze.

Yes, you have to see something through, especially now,
under these skies, but what is completion?
You’ll know when you are done.
You don’t have to play by someone else’s unwritten rules.
Use your mind to think.
Change the script.

Can you be true to yourself if you don’t know what you are worth?
Never mind.
I think by being true to yourself,
you will begin to find out what you are worth,
and it will matter less and less,
What matters is that you take the steps your heart requests.

Trust in your connection to the divine.
Trust in the vessel of your body to navigate these choppy waters.
There is a place for you.
Right here. Right here in your life.
In your life in motion.

Jupiter is getting closer and closer to Venus.
We may get a slap, or even a shove off a cliff, but we will also, somehow, get a kiss.

If you want to read about the astro, go here, here, and here.

Love YOU!!!


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6 Responses to May 21, 2013

  1. jtgirl40 says:


  2. kashmiri says:

    So true, about dreams and other people…I feel this voice calling me…but I feel it’s my own. I’m recognizing a particular Saturn cycle. When Saturn began opposing Neptune in 2006, compared to now. Reading this this morning is perfect.

  3. Charlotte says:

    YES to all of this! I visited a doctor yesterday and I was disappointed because I didn’t get the relief I was hoping for, but I felt empowered! Like, ok these people probably won’t help me but I can take care of myself. I will figure out what I can, they will figure out what they can, and I will fight to make sure I get what I need from this partnership. Look at me using the Moon in Libra!

    Those pesky others who don’t know that they are the problem are much harder to ignore under these skies, BUT the mere fact that they need to create problems in order to get my attention means I’m the one in control! They’re afraid of my increasing ability to tune them out and go on with my life because sometimes being a pest is a job title like any other. And no one wants to be unemployed (not in this economy!). We really all are united and like you said, when you “honor the miracle of your breath,” you can appreciate all that exists for and around you. It is only then that you can appreciate the breath of others, even when it is foul sometimes that odor is really their fear that they don’t have your honor.

    SAY WHAT YOU WANT(cautiously) because ain’t nobody got time or patience for games this week.

    Good luck Madame Astro Warrior and thanks for these posts getting me through! (Love you too!!)

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey jtgirl40,
    Thanks So Much!! and thanks for writing!! <3

  5. o_lightning says:

    Hi kashmiri,
    I love that you are calling yourself into the future. How beautiful. Saturn/Neptune, those dudes are my pals. Seriously, no one can drag me by the hair the way they can, and have me still just loving them! Things are getting better, I think. Now it’s more of a waltz. <3 you! xo

  6. o_lightning says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    You sound strong! <3 Good job taking care of you at the doctors. Your body, your life!
    I really was kidding, about problems being caused by other people. The common denominator is always ourselves. But some people ARE terribly pesky, and some seem downright evil. Full Moons bring out polarity, in ourselves and in relationship. I hear what you are saying about people trying to get your attention. Yes you are important, and it matters where your energy goes. You are so welcome! Much Love, xo

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