May 20, 2015


Why is it we are the very material we have to build our lives out of?
As if there is nothing else?

Reality based on perspective,
perspective based on biological experience.

A grouper is examined by three kittens at Marineland in 1938.

A grouper is examined by three kittens at Marineland in 1938.

High drama potential, even if it plays out as an interior fight.
You wrestling with what you know, in order to take the next step.

What role has obligation?
What role has value?

How to integrate the unseemly, where it must and cannot go?

It’s sort of a primal day.
Last day of the year in Taurus for 2015.


I started listing out the aspects,
but let me retract that ambition…


lets just say,



Jupiter to Amplify!

Saturn opposes the Sun.

Crab Venus is sensitive too!
Potentially reactive.

Is there a woman to help you?
Softness is available… the Moon will touch Venus…
Some of our most connected moments come in the midst of pressure.

Are you comfortable?
I doubt it!

Are you indebted ?
Must you stay in your role?

Listen, if the potato salad is spoiled, just don’t eat it.
It’s not going to ruin anything that can’t or shouldn’t be ruined if you don’t want to go to the party.

and yet…
Sun Saturn makes it a do right/gotta do right.
Nose Clean, Chin Up.

~Una grande scultura posse rotolare giĆ¹ per una collina senza rompersi, Michelangelo is believed to have said (though he never did): To determine the essential parts of a sculpture, roll it down a hill. The inessential parts will break off. -Sarah Manguso~

Is that a good idea for today?
In a word… no.

Pressure to be ~good~ may be part of the discomfort.
Does it hurt if I press here?
How about HERE?

Whatever info is incoming…

The more you know, the more you know…
even if you don’t wanna know…

How does knowledge alter perception?

Why, in every way!
that dawning moment, understanding what the lamb we eat actually is…

~Why, It’s a LAMB!?!~

Yes. Yes, it is.

Love YOU!!!



Delusional happenings are completely possible!
Look out!!!!


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