May 20, 2014


The new normalcy not quite in place

~half way there?~
the true and the beautiful, like a song you can almost hear…

Saturn a clear player in the proceedings.

Which connections, which thought patterning?

There is rich vein of material
if you press where it hurts

Plenty of meat on those bones, but what is the best way to use it?

Where are permissions most important?

What will be given?

The exchange rate is high, & you can’t have a ham sandwich if you are not willing to kill a pig these days.

Looking at the ugly is unavoidable.

A helping hand is not far off, but it’s a stretch in both directions.
Altruism pays off here. Keep talking…

As much as what is said, it’s the energy exchange.
Don’t trust a viper not to bite you,
instead, learn to handle snakes.*

Love YOU!!!


* Fall and Winter are over, but the Pluto Saturn exchange which characterizes the energy remains. In fact it has gone from being a vibe that permeates, to being a clear situation in which you are a player. The road forks, the river divides, not in one clear split, but in a myriad of potentialities that will coalesce in to a single set of circumstances, a series. The tipping point is over, it’s all done tipped! But not all of the cards are showing. Soon. So Soon.

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