May 20, 2013


Eclipse Week and U + P = ?


At this very moment, the Sun is at 29 Taurus!
Gemini is getting the party started with Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter!

yes yes U. square P. exact!

Beautiful FOOD + Infinite Choices Happiness!
and you can do it all without cooking a thing!

Virtual eating is FUN!

By evening the Sun is in Gemini, by afternoon the Moon is in Libra!
more or less, depending on where you are.

Listen to this absolute dorkfest and watch it inexplicably grow on you…

~Grow on you~ is such a bad turn of phrase.
It makes me think I am going to mold!

Or how about this for later in the day….

Pretty and somehow tense, with the Moon under pressure,
as if there is only one way to play it.

Not so.

Keep your dialog light, and dress the part for whatever you are up to.
If you find you are torqued too tight…

Love YOU!!!


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