May 2, 2013

This applies to EVERYONE,
but Taurus, and the Fixed signs are feeling it doubletime
You have to work really hard to piss off a Taurus, but it CAN be done,

oh yes it can

How many dictators are Taurus?
hmmmm? actually, a lot!

Moon in Aqua, Squaring Sun/Mars in Taurus, Opposed by Saturn/N.Node


Cap. Pluto/Aries Uranus Square close to Exact
Cardinal Signs: Be Warned.

Everyone: Your itchy trigger finger is not your best friend.

Taurus is like a boulder in this,
you just do not want to start that b*tch rolling down a hill to flatten your ass.
I mean seriously

Plenty of pleasure on offer,
but what will it take to satisfy?

Eclipse Season is ON now!
Changes in the works,
slow going… that’s the Taurus.
It will be slooooow until it’s just not.
Wham! Changes.

Uranus Square Pluto/2 More Eclipses..?
Sudden and Unpredictable

The sky May 8-14th HOLY WOW!
I do like it, but is it pretty?

(Wellllllll, Cancer takes a hit per usual,
but has enough protection for things to come out right.)

The patterns these HUGE Stelliums force us into are effective:
We all bend in one direction at a time,
as things shift under the Uranus/Pluto Square.

Of course one direction doesn’t mean we agree,
particularly in regard to sex and money,
particularly in regard to power,

Who is holding the purse strings?
How are you going to pay for that?

What does PAY mean anyway?
you pluto types, are you laughing yet?
Major Energetics get worked through.
There are 4 Planets in Taurus right now,
and on the 8th there will be five!
Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus!
Taurus, that’s everybody!

If you want proof, you will get it!
and if you want to reinvent your life?

The invitation is at your doorstep,
it’s embossed in gold, to accept does come at a price,

but doesn’t it all, always, anyway.

Love YOU!!!!


Aretha is an Aries Sun. Scorpio Asc, Opposed by Saturn/Uranus Conjunction in Taurus.
Jupiter/Mars Conjunction in Gemini! Merc Pisces, Venus Aqua. Crab Moon.

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4 Responses to May 2, 2013

  1. Hannibal says:

    YOu forgot Sedna, it’s five bodies in Taurus ;).

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Hannibal, you are so right! ; )

  3. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    I nearly went over the edge today…me=Taurus Sun…everyone was biting at each over at work and I felt like going ‘what the hey’ and joining them…mega stressful and couldn’t find a quiet place to escape. The biting does no good though, people just get more wound up in endless cycles, pass the vitriolic parcel. This week I just keep thinking ‘it’s Saturn’ and hoping it will pass.

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey Sophiepiscesmoon!
    The vibe was intense today! I almost lost it over a piece of bread! Bread?! Taurus Much?! Amazing! The weekend should ease up a little, the moon gets to Pisces, and even if it is emotional, it moves back from the range of fire a bit. I hope you are feeling better. <3 xox

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