May 18, 2013


As the stellium in Taurus breaks up,
have we all learned how rotten it feels to be stuck?
That we are willing to move forward,
even imperfectly, if it gets us out of this stalemate.

Have we learned what we value, and what we are willing to pay for it?

Scorpio insists that we pay in blood, but you know what? It’s not a bad deal!
How else are you going to pay?
I mean really, REALLY, this is it:
Your one and only shot at riding the merry-go-round as you!
May as well make it count!

Can you look in the mirror and say to yourself
~I will never forsake you.~?

give it a try.

I learned that one from Elsa, many years ago.


Under the Taurus pile up, I learned what I really think of money.
I LOVE IT! Surprise~ Well, honestly it’s more complex,
but I learned how I need to receive it,
~ freely~
is there such a thing? and what constitutes a fair trade.

What was Taurus trying to tell you,
staring deep into your soul with beautiful dewy eyes?
What was Taurus telling you,
stubbornly refusing to see the other side of the argument?
What was Taurus trying to tell you about your body,
and how it receives comfort?
What was Taurus trying to tell you about pleasures and compensation?

What kind of seed was brought to germinate under these very fertile skies?

Things Change!
Gemini wants to talk it over.
There must be development, exchange of ideas, and there must be play!

Love YOU!!!


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