May 16, 2013


Diva Alert!

Leo Moon, trine Uranus in Aries = Automatic Reaction

You know who, sometimes, just sometimes has NO sense of humor?
It’s LEO, they can not take it when the joke is on them,
well they can but it takes a moment to adjust.

How dare you mock the royal personage?!

Then, they will, they absolutely will cheer up and get it!
All press is good press, no?

Mercury/Venus, Square Chiron/Neptune, inconjunct Pluto,

Delusional feelings of depth?
Lies that hurt you?
Are you sure they are lying? Are you lying?
Transcendent Bliss that suddenly heals old wounds?
Unlikely, but possible… no one can say we don’t have options!
What is best in this situation, or the most caring?
Everyone is a V.I.P.

It’s your god given right to waver between feelings of altruism and errrrrr…
Those OTHER kinds of feelings!

The rules, the deals, the plans are fluid and changing,
Time still appears to be slipping around, memories surface and recede.
No prob. Hang loose let them slip!

There is plenty of tension to feed into if you want it.
Don’t go there! Stay over here! lol!
Make the decisions, the changes, just plainly and then buy a new outfit,
get your hair did, play dress up, DANCE!

You DO look GOOD. That’s a good look for you, Serious!

Get your groove on!
Fun is not trivial, without it we are as dead.




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