May 15, 2014


How was your world taken apart
& put back together under the Scorpio Moon?

Triangular relationships?

Even the minor ones seem to surface for Venus square Pluto.
Add in Uranus, and it’s gratuitously random, or at least a little random,
the Pluto Factor helps you track the power plays to see who’s up next.

I’m a longtime Noisettes fan! Shingai Shoniwa!
I love her airy precision while she conveys emotion, the strength to carry the sound through such a simple arrangement!

Epic Weekend Alert:

The Venus/Uranus/Pluto keeps on keeping on,
The Moon moves from Sag. to Cap. for that Pluto conjunction,
latelate Saturday night.

What does that mean for you?
Depends on how it hits you:

Sudden Romance?
Death in the tall grass?
A New Direction?
The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!
The doors finally OPEN?
A new home?
A promise made, broken, or obliterated ?
A brand new start?
Reunited and it feels so….



Let’s flavor all of these with a triangluar plutonian subtext shall we?
power/sex/death/cash/old karma/whom is owed what?


Now you’re getting it!

Mars is HEATING UP!!!

As for me,
I’m headed to California!
10 days in the bay area, with some of my best friends Evah!

If you are in town and would love a consult, ~LIVE and DIRECT~
give a shout! I’ll be around, with special local discount rates too! No joke!

Have a beautiful weekend!!!

Love YOU!!!




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6 Responses to May 15, 2014

  1. Tam says:

    Safe travels! <3

    I have two parties and some volunteering to do this weekend. Hopefully love will show up…..not crazy love either! A little Pluto transit of Sadge square Virgo Moon joke there. LOL

  2. Kim Cooper says:

    Would love to have a live consult- how best to discuss? I’m in the city,

  3. asitvamtat says:

    Welcome to San Francisco!


    • o_lightning says:

      Thanks Johnny! and thanks for writing! I’m looking forward to re-connecting with old friends and making new ones! If you know anyone who would like a consult, send them my way! <3

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