May 15, 2013


The Moon is in Crab, but it’s headed to LEO.
Mercury is in Taurus, but it will be in Gemini tonight.

Soon, comes Motion, sparkle, and…. DANGER
Uranus Square Pluto Amping up! Mars on the South Node.

You DO have old biz to take care of.
The past will not be forgotten so easily, and what about
What about what happened last Thursday and into the weekend?

Relax, Breathe Easy,
there is only so much you can do.
Besides going ballistic, (it would be kind of beautiful to see that, I’ll admit)

what was it? Oh yeah, Breathe Easy,
don’t substitute food/old habits for action, or for self expression.
Say what you’ve got to say, or move on.
Changes are coming, and as they do, over the next weeks and even YEARS,
…..No the Cardinal signs don’t really catch a break,
instead they, and everybody, learns to be Heroes.
This right now is HERO TRAINING.

Love YOU!!!


Remember we do not have all of the info!
Neptune is active! Wait and keep your ears open to ongoing developments!


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