May 14, 2013


The Moon is still in Crab, but with Pluto opposed, and Uranus Square.
Cardinal T-square anyone?

It’s what’s for breakfast!

Expect some emotional shockage.
There will be distractions,
to help you surf through, or to get in your way…

We do have Saturn trine Neptune for some fortification,
I always think of that as time travel or bending time to our will,
I’m a freakshow, yeah, I know it!

Better yet: Making real (saturn) your dreams (neptune)
you could apply appropriate boundaries,
or find just the right vehicle for something ethereal…

Art? Music? In Taurus season you could even be gardening or cooking…
A lot of people have been talking or thinking about $ lately
that tangible expression of Value.
Our relationship to money is never separate from our relationship to LOVE.

Value. That’s a Taurus topic.

something to think about….

Love YOU!!!


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