May 13, 2013


Grand Trine in Water today.

The Moon is in Crab!
Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and the North Node all flow through.
Do you have family biz and family feeling on your mind?
Is there something at home you need to handle?

Maybe you could enjoy the process…

Is there something or someone at home to ENJOY?

This week Neptune goes ahead and Squares Venus.
Slippery slopes, Disappearers, Enchantment,
at times closely followed by… disenchantment…
how many sides to that story are there?

Howevs, I DO like Venus/Neptune! Pass me those rosy glasses!

I have to say,
the Boswell Sisters sound eerily current, and on point!

Good day to see the best in everyone.
It’s even a good day to cry about everything you need to cry about, and then to go for a walk and watch a beautiful sunset, should such a thing come your way.

Do not sign contracts today if you can help it,
there is not a lot of ~the whole truth and nothing but the truth.~ available in May.

We may catch a day or two, but in general, things play out over time.

Your Eclipse zone just keeps on comin’ on.
Whatev that was for you, don’t expect it to be over.
As Mars hits up those points: Lights Camera Action!

Mercury moves to Gemini on Wednesday, and you know Venus is there already!
Let the Games Begin!

Uranus Square Pluto is only becoming more exact.
Take care! Honestly, no unnecessary physical risks!
And if you want to make a huge change, this is your Astro!

You know that children’s game “Mother may I?”

Well, You MAY! hahaha! The last thing you need is my permission!

But doesn’t it feel good to get the go-ahead?!
even from a random stranger?!
People are always trying to slow you down, but NO.
If you know where you need to be headed, make a solid plan, and GO!

Get out of here! Get a move on! Hurry it up kid!

don’t wait for Saturn or Pluto direct…
they will catch up and finalize things soon enough!

Love YOU!!!!


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