May 12, 2016


The Moon is in Leo today, and the way it is set up,
it seems you may want more than you have.

Grand Trine in Earth, still a big story.
A way to go back, not that far necessarily,
but far enough to get what you want and make it into what you need.


the seedy/taboo/complex undercurrent seeping through.

Blood stains on a white dress?

The reason you don’t want them to know you’re in town?

How it would be better if his son just didn’t come to dinner…

The money you borrow, or

the unasked for gift you can never repay?

What kinds of alliances will be made,
what sorts of debt are you about to incur, and why?

Isn’t ~why~ always more than one answer.

As simple as it sounds, the words are rich with implications,
meanings teaming beneath a placid smile, or an empty shrug.

How power moves unspoken amidst the dialog to reshape our dynamics,

Your juice may absolutely be worth the squeeze,
but it’s the kind of thing you want to know in advance.

TBH, it’s the kind of thing you can’t completely know now.
Do your homework, proceed with caution.

Love YOU!!!


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