May 10, 2013


How are you liking your Eclipse?

For some it’s a bit of a bumpy ride,
While others sailed on through.

The take away could be your relationship between
your goals and your appetites,
or to put in another way between what you want, and what you need.

as ye olde KRS-ONE said back in the day
-Make sure you have all the things that you need.
Put at a safe distance all the things that you want.
It’s the WANTS that get you in to trouble.-

This theme keeps on keeping on for a bit.
North Node in Scorpio:

You are being invited to invest in yourself.
To bring your passions in line with your values.

I said that the other day, and DAMN if it doesn’t get truer by the second.
It takes self-control. That’s what it takes.

It’s not too late to climb back on the wagon if you fell off,
it’s not to late to congratulate yourself on making it through
by the skin of your teeth.They call them temptations
because they are tempting newsflash

Remember way back back when I talked about Snow White and the poison apple?
Sometimes you have to eat the apple to meet the prince.

Or should I say,
Sometimes what seems like a detour, is the only way to get where you are going.

Saturn + Pluto RETRO: People from the past,
what is their role in your life today?

South Node in Taurus:VALUES!
Who gives you What?!

Remember Scorpio’s gift is Energetic, while Taurus’s gift is Physical.
Double Trouble Kittens, Double Trouble.
This continues to develop over time.
Venus and Mars have a tale to tell here:
as Mars Conjuncts the Sun, on it’s way to the Twins,
as Venus moves toward marked territory in Gemini,
let’s see what plays out!

Streamline the process where you can,
it’s not a crime to get it right the first time,
you go farther faster. FACT.

On the other hand:
experience, it’s what grows you from an acorn, into a freakin oak. M-kay?

Love YOU!!!

Totally not too late to set your intentions! Do it To it!



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4 Responses to May 10, 2013

  1. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    That Sam Cooke song has been haunting me since January when my neighbour sang the opening refrain over and over one weekend. I felt so sad because his voice was so plaintive and looking it up found the song. Since then I have kept returning to it and finding myself singing it and now you have posted it again. On another note, this Taurus season is not like any before..the energy is much heavier and I don’t feel energised at all considering my solar return is next week. Uranus-Pluto building to exact (on my nooo!), eclipses, Saturn…it is mayhem but feels profound. Feeling uber sensitive to every sound, smell, breeze..strange happenings, blasts from past, but also very slow and stuck and frustrated. I never thought I would say I have had my fill of Taurus. But also feeling more Taurus than ever before. Strange times.

  2. Tam says:

    “It’s the WANTS that get you in to trouble” So true! Especially when you wants (Venus) are in Aries! 🙂

    Fabulous Sam Cooke song.

  3. o_lightning says:

    Hi Sophiepiscesmoon,
    That is wild, there is so much longing in that song. Agreed, the energy is very heavy, although it will, now start to break up, as things move in to Gemini. These Stelliums are just very intense and and hard to live through, no one catches a break, it’s all one way, and as you pointed out we are heading into Uranus/Pluto exact! Pressure!! Change something big on purpose, find an outlet if you are able! I’m going to look into that myself. Sending lots of LOVE. xox

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam,
    Oh the immediacy of desire!!! Venus in Aries’ specialty! <3
    I love Sam Cooke, I wish he had lived longer, and recorded more. What a voice!xox

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