May 1, 2013

Tiantan Buddha on Lantau Island

*Everyone seems to agree that Buddha was a Taurus.

The mystery of Taurus is to be so fully in your body,
so fully awake and alive, in the moment,
a change which lasts as long as you do,

-What the Buddha said is that you are a verb, not a noun.
What you’re doing is what is real, not who’s doing it.
For example, only walking is real, not the walker or the path.
The more attached you are to yourself – you being a thing – the more trouble you get into.- Mas Kodani

This idea always trips me out:

We change. This is a truism so blatant we could laugh at it, if we really believed it. We know things change, both things as circumstances and things as objects. The meadow across from the house where I grew up, which seemed like it had been there forever, has been filled with houses for forty years. To the people living in those homes the meadow, the games and egg hunts were never there. Only their own memories are there. In our heart of hearts, however, most of us harbor a deep belief, so deep we accept it without thinking, that some part of us, an essential us, remains the same, regardless of events or even memories. It’s an illusory belief. Is there nothing that holds? No. Nothing. Nobody. Nada. Nadie. Even if we hold what seem to be the same feelings and thoughts years later? Isn’t there something essential in them that holds? No. – W.S. Merwin

Do you think that is true?

I’ve really no idea, but I lean towards it being so.
I think we know so little about the particles of energy that comprise our existence.
Mostly, what we know, is what they like, and what they don’t.
It’s conditional knowledge

This morning I read about Time Crystals, A Proposed Physics Experiment
that is really pretty fascinating!
I want them to make the experiment! What do you think will happen?
just what are the relationships?

Here is what the Morning Benders say

You tried to taste me
And I taped my tongue to the southern tip of your body,
But bones are too heavy to come up
Squished into a single cell of wood

And I made an excuse
And you found another way to tell the truth
I put no one else above us
We’ll still be best friends when all turns to dust

We are so smooth now
Our edges are beaten drift wood whittled down
Old bodies slip when they make love
We’ll mine our sparks to shoot us above

Listen all the way to the end, to where Chris Chu says what the song is about!
Damn! Perfectly said, Taurus style.

Mercury Moves to Taurus Today.
It’s no surprise that many Taurus are not only musicians, but also scientists,
They are interested in REALITY.

Music is the sonic expression of time signatures,
an avenue where time equals beauty.

Earth Party Today!
Existence: Get it while it’s hott!

Love YOU!!!!


* He just sat there under a tree and wouldn’t budge until he had it allll figured.


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