Mars/Saturn, Moon opposition Venus, Jupiter Stationary


Can existential crises be met with material solutions, and if they can’t,
what are we so upset about?

If only there was something to blame.
Mercury conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter & square Pluto, violent mind.

Tie yourself in knots waiting for the future to arrive, waiting for whatever is true now, to be untrue.

It’s the complex untruths that strangle you.

Is it possible to be understood?
And if you were understood in what proportion would relief mix with devastation?

Being known,
What do we know of being known?
How much misunderstanding has brought us how far?
Or held us back?

The moment has past, but there is residual anger and frustration.
Hurts of the past tripping people in the present.
It may be possible to think your way out

The Moon opposes Venus, the seeming impossibility of getting both what you want and what you need.

What would you have to give up to be satisfied?

Mars/Saturn less acute today, does that mean more hopeless?
Jupiter in LEO paused at 12 degrees, Scorpio Moon.

For Something Beautiful, read THIS

~There is an underbelly of terror to all life. It is suffering, it is hurt. Deep within all of us are intense fears that have left few of us whole. Life’s terrors haunt us, attack us, leave ugly scars. To buffer ourselves, we dwell on beauty, we collect things, we fall in love, we desperately try to make something lasting in our lives. We take beauty as the only worthwhile thing in this existence, but it cannot veil cursing, violence, randomness, and injustice.
That is why spiritual progress is slow: not because no one will tell us the secrets, but because we ourselves must overcome sentiment and fear before we can grasp it.~
– Deng Ming-Dao, via whiskey river

Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to Mars/Saturn, Moon opposition Venus, Jupiter Stationary

  1. jtgirl40 says:

    Beautiful as always. I find myself looking for your posts daily. What a gift!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jtgirl,

      Thanks So Much for writing! What a kind thing to say! I’m happy to have you as a reader!! <3

  2. Charlotte says:

    This is so perfect for today. And the poem! That makes em think about all of those love stories in dystopian novels and movies and how people have to keep living no matter what. Love is a reason to fight. Companionship and finding someone to forget the suffering with.

    While watching the Last Man on Earth I remembered the pain of loving someone who will just never love you back. That in the made in the stars unrequited venus/neptune love (my neptune opp venus trine pluto cuts me deep love) that just can’t accept that almost tragic reality. That moment you really can’t imagine ever finding anyone else who will make you feel alive in that extravagant way. From far away it all seems so silly. Farmers don’t have time to pine or mourn! Life has to go on, even when it seems unfathomable.

    I’m living Saturn/ Neptune and it and learning my Pluto.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Charlotte,

      Nice to hear from you! Thank you!
      Time or no time, even farmers have feelings… and they have to feel them all the while… I do think the closer to nature you get, the easier it is to feel connected biologically to our very biological world, and thus perhaps more ~ in the flow~

      What is the meaning of love? That strong strong impossible force… <3

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