Mars/Saturn August 26, 2014


Dentists never use the word pain.
I’m pretty sure some of us are experiencing discomfort at the moment.

Yet the unpulled tooth rots.

As much as the fear in my belly holds me,
it’s good to be here in the office, where I know things will come clean at last.
Finish it.

Chalk it up, in part, to Neptune, but this tooth has strong roots.
Despite the Mars/Saturn conjunction it don’t pull clean.
Saturn slowing Mars (action).

Over the years I have met quite a few Virgo Dental Hygienists.
Oh the details!
The satisfaction afforded to those with clear vision who can clean up the stains.

If you are waiting on something, give it as long as the first of September to show.
That Scorpio Saturn, Moon, & Mars conjunction on the 31st of August looks deep.
Trine Chiron, and Square Venus in Leo.
Fun Times. (no no! NOT Fun. )

If you want to change something for good, have at it.

~ Anger is a bitter lock
But you can turn it.

Hokusai aged 83
Time to do my lions.

Every morning
until he died

219 days later
he made
a lion.

Wind came gusting from the northwest.

Lions swayed
and leapt
from the crests

of the pine trees

the snowy road
or crashed

over his hut,
their white paws

mauling stars
on the way down.

I continue to draw
hoping for a peaceful day,

said Hokusai
as they thudded past.~

-Anne Carson


Love YOU!!


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2 Responses to Mars/Saturn August 26, 2014

  1. laurie kozar demrow says:

    o – i had a dream of a rotten tooth 2 nights ago. i was pretending to be the dentist… humm – what could it be … this cosmic meeting of symbols? serendipity and reality are one and the same.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey laurie,

      That’s cool. Teeth are always Saturn. How are your boundaries holding up? Sounds like you are determined to handle it. 🙂

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