Mars Retrograde Even Now, June 10, 2016


How is it that the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line?

How is it that the shortest distance between two points is not even short?

Jet Lag?
A nearly supernatural sense that your life cannot catch up to where you are?
I mean, that life, your life cannot catch up to, awww f*ck it.

Will you get to the place you so clearly see is the next step?
Obviously yes, I mean totally yes, power of positron thinking, I mean, whatever, probably, right? How can you not!?

It’s ordinary, the most ordinary.
With Jupiter in Virgo, what we want is a healthy normalcy.
There has to be a way. It’s not even asking that much.
These hopes wouldn’t even qualify as minor miracle material,
it should all be (somehow) able to happen.
What’s the hitch?


Your success is a labyrinth of interdependent factors. You can not enact the next steps purely on your own.
Not all votes are in, not all votes are counted, and not all people are really certain of the choices they have made.

Choices your subconscious made a long time ago are brought to life, as a literal translation.

Nothing subtle except a sense of futility.

A futility/necessity/hope swirl double dip cone,
kinda dripping on your shirt, though.
Better clean it up, & the clean up takes the rest of your day.

enmeshed, entwined, entangled,
there are limits, AND bonds yet to be made.

Fall will find us having sorted this biz nearly for good.
We will see growth once the guidelines are set.

There is a glimmer of hope now, and that almost fuels the impatience.
The details are massive.

Not so much a fly in amber, as a beetle in molasses.
We may yet emerge.

It’s still MARS Retrograde, ever onward, even now.

Love YOU!!!


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