Mars in Virgo 2013


Mars in Virgo would like to do this perfectly.

A precision instrument.

Until December 8th, Virgo Mars is your man.

Thoughts drive actions.
This Mars is ruled by Mercury.

Think drafting, quality craftsmanship, high end mechanics,
technical manuals, and detailed instructions.
Nearly as much a Surgeon as Mars in Scorpio,
Mars in Virgo just wants to help.

In order to do a job right you have to do it yourself.
This Mars is solitary, dedicated, and sensitive to criticism.
Want to inflame or crush a Virgo Mars?
Point out a detail they missed.

Virgo Mars is not the most confident Mars ever, it’s peppy,
and can be huffy or humble, most often both.

The perfect Mars for an editor,
combine with some Leo, to get a stunning dancer or technically brilliant musician.
Sprinkle in some Capricorn, and watch their perfect timing as an actor or director.
Who will be there long after midnight, setting up one more take?
Mars in Virgo, without perfection we have nothing.
There is a deep, narrow vein of workaholic, available to any Mars in Virgo.
No one can take things as far as a Virgo with something to prove.

Like all planets in Virgo,
Mars has to cheat and break the rules at times, just this once mind you.
Being bad is fun every so often, when you try so hard to be good.

Sexy? Well yes!
An Earth sign dedicated to perfection?!
Virgo Mars has technique!

No castles in the air for Virgo Mars.
Castles on the earth, with the drawings to prove it.

Maps, and charts, cartographers, and veterinarians, nutritionists, nurses,
personal trainers and estheticians.

This Mars can take an idea,
and bring it to a reality because they read a book, and leaned how to do it.
Mars in Virgo follows the directions.
And having done it once, will come up with something better:
The very BEST way to do what must be done.

Who loves a crisis?

Why, Mr Fix It does!
Then he is invaluable, and for Mars in Virgo,
invaluable, is the language of love.

So what kind of sky does our humble servant walk in to in 2013?


gosh, gee wilikers, golly gee! (that’s not you! it’s mars!)
And what happens when Virgo Mars arrives there?

He looks up and sees Pisces Neptune, with infinite poetry, with infinite longing,
Mars who must wonder now,
How am I to help?
Who is the victim?
Am I the saviour ?

Indecision, fear, paralysis.


equally likely
Clearly this must be a crisis!
So much to handle, and obvi, you are clueless!
Let me take over!

Wait! which are the correct steps to take?
These steps! There are so many of them!
Can mountains be made of molehills?
Oh I think they can!

So that could happen


We could see a beautiful determination to work for the benefit of all.
A selfless drive to be of service.
A commitment to helping.
To doing what must be done, to following through.


Mars will clear Neptune and become super powered by Pluto.
Chiron will oppose, which will be brilliant, or terribly painful
depending on how well you embrace Chiron,
depending on how free you feel about the journey of your individuality,
your pain and personal stamp.

Mars in Virgo can pick a scab like a stone cold professional,
Remember when to dial it back, to trust.
To realize there are forces beyond the ones we measure.
Pisces, that’s the antidote.
Faith in the unfolding of the mystery.

What steps need to be taken?
You decide, work methodically.

Mars in Virgo breaks it down into details,
into manageable portions.

Follow the directions.

Arrive at your destination.

Love YOU!!!


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