Mars in Pisces, Merc Retro in Cap. and a Capricorn New Moon


~ From a third-story window above the Parc du Portugal,
I’ve watched the snow come down all day.
As usual, there’s no one here. There never is.
Mercifully, the inner conversation is canceled by the white noise of winter.
I am neither the mind, the intellect nor the silent voice within.
That’s also canceled.
And now, gentle reader, in what name – in whose name –
do you come to idle with me
in this luxurious and dwindling realms of aimless privacy?
– Leonard Cohen ~



Mercury in Capricorn has gone back to look behind. The message will go missing. The search is real, practical, for your status, your place in the world, your job even. Internal indecision, assessing a part, or a puzzle piece? Work ethic? Missing, muddled, we are all on vacation, whether we are or not. Abandon ship. Now too, Mars has entered Pisces. Pisces, where what we do is a poem, a Zen koan, a riddle. How we fight is not like gunslingers, not as Samurai, instead, Magicians. Shamanic. Subterfuge and shadow, the right hand may actually know what the left is doing, but he’s not telling you. Escape, distract, destroy, weaken. Is it poison, a gas leak, an extra drink, a movie binge, a tendency to to go beyond?



A beautiful place, beyond. How can you learn if you don’t go? Who are Gods and Heroes now? Who shows and maps the edges? Where is possibility defined? In the absences? In the openings?



If you are curious about the energy, it shares something of the ambiance and atmosphere of Mars/Neptune:
click HERE

Visionary, Sacrifice, Artifice, Impotence, Delusion? Intuitive Action.
All this, undeniably this, and yet, some of our inspirations will not be passing fads or fancies. The aspects support genuine growth. Within this time frame Uranus will turn direct, Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus will bring actual choices and chances to alter our lives for the better. Strange as it may seem, while the sky grows dark with threat, colorful flowers bloom at our feet, and potions arrive as in Wonderland, we grow and shrink to our advantage and succeed because of it. Go ahead, walk through the door that opens to you… a road to the future that arrives as you turn back, you find it in the thicket of where you once were, who you were supposed to be. ‘Shedding our skins, to become lighter’, or ‘only what I have lost is what I posses forever’? One and the same?



Who is going back to receive a family inheritance of one sort or another? A valuable transfer or transmission. Lineage and all that comes with it, family poverty or riches. What do you think you are worth?



Virgo Moon on the North Node offers modesty, and better still, compartmentalization. So needed now. Which drawer to sort the magic powder in? Which band of rainbow light to deflect northward? That one? The violet? Done.


We plant seeds in their season, and this winter season now asks for time and temperance. Plan your next move. Some larger steps are still a month off, or even further. We will have a New Moon in Capricorn on the 29th of December but look further out to the New Moon in Aquarius on the 27th of January, for a fuller story. A story that features Mercury direct and about to revisit Pluto. Mars will finally be just tipping over to Aries. Venus is then strong in Pisces, but conjunct Chiron and squared by Saturn.

That’s a measure is taken, and I dare say it may be accurate, rather than comfortable. You have outgrown these pants, and yes it’s been decades since you were grew taller. A year wider and a year wiser, or worse. Too little too late, in love or $$$, imaginary schemes fall flat, and it’s the grown ups who succeed, just don’t ask them to say that they have won. Not comfortable, but potent. Jupiter in Libra boosts Pluto and Venus, for a decisive and commanding start.

Not yet tho, not yet.

First something different, our New Moon in Capricorn on December 28th at 8 degrees.
Uranus direct opposite Jupiter both at 20, Aries/Libra, trine Saturn at 21.

The Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees Capricorn is: Birds in the home singing happily, as Blain Bovee points out, this may refer to a nearly enforced domesticity, or somewhat trapped situation, perhaps not bad exactly… as he says ~ “In Capricorn 8, we can ask questions of how the caged confinement is working out. It does not have to be negative. There are positive dimensions to confinement such as safety and secure need fulfillment.

We can also ask about communicating… whether there may be a great deal of chirping , or long silences… both may be possible. We can ask about forcing oneself into a situation , trying too hard to make it fit, make it work. For example, some birds of the wild cannot survive in captivity. Perhaps Capricorn 8 individuals have to be alert to trying to make a losing situation work at the expense of their own independence and growth.” – Blain Bovee ~

If we have that recognition, here is a multi-step push toward real change.

Mercury Direct will arrive on the 8th of January, with Mercury having traveled all the way back to 28 Sagittarius. We are having to go back to our belief system. It’s not enough to look at the balance sheet, and asses the costs, the wins and losses. Our success is going to depend on our commitment, which in turn depends on how we really feel.

The answer to our Merc retro queries will arrive based in ethics, in a concept that looks toward the future, and acknowledges the role that the concept of ‘fair play’ has in the proceedings.

Love YOU!!!!


* that particular recording of James Booker has to be one of the best ever made, capturing the sound of a magician at the height of his powers


This one goes out to Mars in Pisces:





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