Mars in Libra & How to Open Up the Cardinal Chaos Lockdown + Pisces Mercury/Neptune trines Crab Jupiter


That Moon Saturn conjunction in Scorpio was no joke.
ruled by pluto in cap, that has jupiter in lockdown
The reverberations keep coming.
What should be an upbeat time, what almost is an upbeat time,
has to contend with a ~bottom line~ factor that just won’t quit.
Adjustments take time.

Mercury/Neptune has a nasty trajectory if you are not careful…

It’s as if everything you have ever done is wrong,
like a spiral that corners in, tighter and tighter,
that leads to a locked box, it’s a prison now,
you made it. No way out.

no way out,
except this:


Go ahead and underthink it.

Pisces Mercury will help you here.
Move where you feel the seams of life connecting,
those strands where one possibility joins another,
where the outcome is as yet uncertain,
go there.
What do you do then? Standing in the midst of maybes? You talk.
You talk to the people whose lives intersect yours.

You don’t have to like them, what you have to do
is make them an offer it’s very hard to refuse under these skies.

The offer to become allies.
Mars in Libra putting us all through our paces finds this nearly impossible to resist.
For who does not at least want to seem to come together, to play fair?

If you are sincere,
if you can possibly be both canny and open,
if you do indeed want mutual progress, so much the better.

Align yourself
Feel for the openings, they exist.
Pisces Mercury/Neptune trines Crab Jupiter,
She opens the door.
Is there a crack?
Aries gives it a shove, be gentle, but keep talking.



that’s the language of love.
Libra expects civility, consideration.
Even an army depends on cooperation.

Uranus in Aries wants none of it!
Every man for himself!
The Sun shines on the bold.
But who is Aries’ soldier now?
backwards and all,
That’s what I thought.

Love YOU!!!




a little side note about the sign of balance.
Anyone who loves a Libra, knows that those scales swing all the way, & + they change at the speed of thought. Libra is divorcing. No. They don’t want to leave! The back and forth may be rapid fire, but the quandary will last quite a while. It’s not that they don’t know what they want, they know what they want, but they also know the opposite has it’s advantages & UGH! The upset involved in the change!… PLUS no matter what they decide, they may not get what they want in either circumstance! And this, as anyone who has ever tried to order a sandwich knows, is just the absolute truth.


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4 Responses to Mars in Libra & How to Open Up the Cardinal Chaos Lockdown + Pisces Mercury/Neptune trines Crab Jupiter

  1. Charlotte says:

    About that Mercury/Neptune, tonight I found myself driving along an isolated highway in the wrong direction for idk how many miles. And then I did it again on another road! While I know I wasn’t going the right way I have no clue where I was headed or how long. There was a point where I completely blanked and all the roads I usually take seemed to go to different places and had different numbers. Mercury freakin Neptune conjunct my descendant!

    Part of that was my gps needs an update but it was my most reliable device this week!

    I did temporarily forget how to drive my manual car after changing my shoes in a massive traffic stop… I’d be worried about my brain but I know it’s just a transit.

    Lol I want to tell so many stories right now but I should sleep. That other side of Neptune.

    Stay well and slay dragons if they find you!

    Ciao bella!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Charlotte,

    Nice to hear from you!! That is so perfectly Mercury/Neptune, what an exact image. THE FOG!!
    Glad to hear you made it to where you were headed. Come back and tell stories whenever you feel like it! I’m working on the dragons… one beast at a time. ; ) Thanks for writing! xox <3

  3. Sabina says:

    With BBC news of lost/found Malaysian plane in background, just had one of my ‘duh’ moments where astro seems suddenly so simple and obvious: the plane (Merc) in the ocean (Nep) we could all see but the authorities dissembling up until today is, of course, Merc/Nep too. The poor families – no wonder they are so angry, and, really, there still is no hard proof nor reason yet.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sabina,

      Thanks for writing! It is very very sad. Agree completely. With Pisces in Neptune, the ocean will continue to be a high profile player in so many world events. xo <3

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