March 9, 2013


Happy things that make you sad,
at last returning home long after home is gone,
the wonderment.
An old letter that arrives years too late, forwarded five or six times,
the beauty in the attempt, finally received.

Nothing is pure and that’s the purity of it.
All feeling containing the traces of other feelings within them,
like a tether that keeps a balloon on earth

that keeps us tied together…

That lets a balloon fly up into the trees and get caught,
that lets it float away.
that lets you find a balloon nearly two years old now, shriveled under the couch,
you wonder at how long you have lived here,
and why what remains seems without reason,
so much has been and gone.

The balloon is in the right place.

All this Pisces is not going to leave without kissing us goodbye.

Venus is Exalted in Pisces
Free Love, Love for Everyone

A New Moon on Monday

perfect for a wish


Love YOU!!!



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