Dark of the Moon in Pisces


My My My,

the Dark of the Moon gets RAWTHER DARK this weekend.
Get your life jackets kittens, we gone swim!

Float anyway.


Stay away from GUILT or REGRET.
These emotions are not your friends!

Whatev with what could have been, it done already was.

We will get to the New Moon on Monday,
and that’s where and when we begin again.

For now, let go!

Get rid of things you don’t need.
Rest up, take care of your body, so it can take care of you!

Amazing dream potential this weekend,
what messages appear?


Whatever comes comes up, the point is not to fight against it, or to give in to it,
but simply to know it’s there. Kind of a:

Here I am!
There I was.

Things have a way of easing up,
once you pull them into the light where they can be seen.

Be kind to yourself,

who are you supposed to be anyway?
Just somebody, moving through the world as best you can.


No big decisive moves this weekend,

Let things take shape with an open mind.
Even if you are right, you’ll want a little more clarity to launch your initiative,
Merc is still retro, still puzzling through…

Monday comes soon for new thoughts, new goals, new love, new peacefulness, new healing, new understanding, new acceptance, and new dreams!

Go Pisces!

Open up to whatever peace presents itself.
To the solace and solicitude of a universe that has you as a member.
You belong here, right along with everyone else!
There is NO ONE not crazy up in this joint.
We are all just here.

Nina = Ultimate Pisces Magician!

Love YOU!!!!


keep breathing Virgos, we are almost there…

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