March 7, 2013


So much appears to be happening below the surface.

What will pan out?

Which of the various futures will go on to exist?

Which of the things you have let go are really gone for good?

How much support can you derive from the mystery, from not knowing,
from the freedom to just do your part, and put yourself in larger hands?

Ze has a great piece here, that operates on the Virgo/Pisces axis

Discernment versus Acceptance
Open versus Closed

What does it mean to be excluded, or to inadvertently exclude others,
How do you like something you don’t know how to like?

(I had to surpress my own critisism all the while, just to listen! Yuck my Yum?! That phrase is lame, haha) and what does that say about me?

What about that flash of aloneness when you realize how separate you are?

The mirror quality he describes, what is it that we protect ourselves from,
or define ourselves against, and how does that in turn define us by our shadow?

Ze is an Aries, and I love how his career keeps in motion,
He is always challenging himself to produce, and create something new.
The earnestness in his voice when he says “I want to be on the bus!”

New Moon in Pisces on Monday, and then the Aries will start to hit!
No more drifting, we will be turning corners right and left,
or be run over by the people turning them!

By mid-April the Aries Action Initiative will be all that and a bag of chips!
Driving around in firetrucks and starting fights over parking spaces!
Fighting in the dancehall, and more practically,
whatev you dreamed up in Pisces season will be brought to life!

That is if you bring it!

Use it or lose it coming up!

Not today though.

Today you can still think about it,

dream on it, journal, talk to your friends,

Love somebody up, and open your heart!



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