March 6, 2013


Capricorn Moon = the more you work the more you….

Actually, the whole thing is pretty deep.

Moon Pluto today. Family responsibilities.
How have you gotten yourself in this position?

The steps you take, carefully carefully, do all your eggs go in that basket?
They just might.
Broad changes can be enacted, but the steps to get there are incremental.

First you do this,
then you do that, and THEN, you go for the other…

And every single day, wake up, and fulfill your obligations.

gotta work anyway.

Gotta keep working.

Y’all seen this silly movie?

In the story, Nacho has to reconcile his responsibilities with his dreams.

He has to cope with finding his own true morality, and integrity,
to decide for himself, and he can’t give up on either.

He needs to have them both.
To be a man of God, take care of his orphans and be a kick-ass wrestler

Neptune and Saturn are the big players this week.

making the interaction action with venus and pluto

Inspired Dedication:

give it to yourself.
You are doing all this for a reason,
it may be a sacrifice, but never forget, that’s how the storyline goes,
the dramatic arc is necessary.
No one goes straight to the finish line with out a fight.

Whether you are fighting yourself or someone else…

your contribution matters, even if you can’t see it.

He wins in the end, but you knew that!



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