March 4, 2014


Sort of a ~lord helps those who help themselves ~ vibe going.
Cheerfully unsympathetic.

Doesn’t mean you won’t get help though,
If you need something, ask for it!

Altruism is it’s own varietal of pragmatism:
everyone needs help sometimes.


Thursday Jupiter wakes up,

even as Mars and Saturn go back.
There IS a work around:
we are just about to find it out.

Not that it’s simple, one, two, kick and GO!
Nope. it’s something akin to building a cathedral out of matchsticks,
oh the interdependence!

That’s alright,
:::Sweeps matchstick cathedral to the floor, and begins to disco:::

Who has recently remembered they have friends?


What up Venus In Aquarius?!

It’s a good day to please your body,
You’ll know best what that’s all about…

As the Moon moves to Taurus, She gets tagged by Venus,
Venus just now finishing her epic tour of Capricorn,
Settle your biz affairs wherev you can, measurable progress.

Itchy trigger finger?
Cool it Rambo,

make a phone call, have a cookie.

Love YOU!!!


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